Ray Bourque

I’m listening to podcasts while working around the house. Right now The Bruins Diehards are interviewing Ray Bourque and I’m 16 all over again. Those were the days, man.

The NHL post season (or what’s passing for it in the age of COVID-19) starts today. The Bruins start tomorrow.

It’s just like baseball. I knew I was missing it, but I’m a little surprised to realize how much I was missing it.

Bring me that Stanley Cup!

Live Streaming Music

Tonight while I was cooking dinner (chicken breasts [because my wife rules], instant mashed potatoes, and steamed broccoli) I was listening to today’s new episode of the Gig Gab podcast.  They were talking about making the best of every bar and club and music venue in American being closed and all of their gigs canceled by live streaming their bands.

Lizardfish has done that a couple of times and it’s always goofy fun.  Listening to the discussion really made me want to get the four of us into a room together to just play for Facebook Live.  It’ll be a couple of weeks as we’re not all riding it out in the same general region of New England, but I think once we all are back in the same state again we should do it.

Turns out I’m not the only one thinking of this.  Neil Young let it be known today that he’s going to do some live streaming from his home.  His wife is going to run the camera.  His wife is Daryl Hannah.  I had no idea he was married to a member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, though she never got that Hattori Hanzo sword, did she.

After hearing this, I think we absolutely have to live stream our next practice.  I mean, Neil wrote “Rocking in the Free World.”  We play “Rocking in the Free World.”  Now we can have two things in common with Neil.  It’s pretty much our destiny, don’t you think?

Upping the Nerd Level

I’ve always been a nerd. Going all the way back to 1977 when Star Wars came out, my nerddom was well established. Two things have happened in the last few days that have actually upped the ante on my nerdishness.

This one is a little hard to see. It actually demonstrates nerd level alpha for me, but brilliant level alpha for my wife. I use a Windows machine when I work from home, but a Mac for everything else. I had a Windows laptop, but it’s kinda a P.O.S. I thought that maybe I would like to get a Windows desktop and set it up to share the same monitor I use with my Mac. My brilliant wife sketched out a way that we could plug everything into a switch and make it happen. Also, she just built a new Windows box and could therefore let me inherit her last machine! She set it all up yesterday, and I just set up the VPN so I can connect to my desk at work. Success! WOOHOO! My wife is a total genius who is more brilliant than any of you reading this, and I am a complete nerd!

Now for the really, really, super, uber nerd admission…

So, you know how when you watch an episode of The Walking Dead premier on AMC it is followed by the after show/talk show The Talking Dead? Well, when you’re not watching on cable you don’t get that hour long decompression discussion show and sometimes you kinda need that. Talking Dead is available on AMC.com, but not until later in the day on Monday, so if I watch the main show on iTunes when I wake up Monday morning, I can’t watch the Talking Dead until I get home from work. That doesn’t work nearly as well. So what to do?

Podcasts. I got this idea to see if there were any post-show podcasts that I could listen to on the way to work. Turns out there are a shit load of them. Most are recorded on Monday or Tuesday, but there are one or two that are already out on the ‘net by the time I leave for work. For the eight weeks the first half of season 7 was airing, I was listening to tons and tons of post show podcasts. Most of them are somewhere between annoying and okay. A few are enjoyable listens. All, even the bad ones, are worth a listen. When the show went into its mid-season break though I started to miss it. I decided to start watching the show from season one episode one and pick one podcast that’s been running since the beginning and listen to the episode corresponding to each episode I watched. Yes, Virginia… I am the biggest effin’ nerd who has ever lived. I found a podcast that is a discussion as opposed to just a recap, and everything I listened to from season 7 had a positive vibe, even when it was being critical of the show. Most of the podcasts were really, really negative, but this one was upbeat even when the episode was weak. I appreciated that. I finished season two yesterday and right now I am listening to the last two episode’s podcast episodes.

If that doesn’t win me the Biggest Nerd Alive award, then nothing will. Nothing.