Leaky but Alive

Every time I water this cellar plant all of the water leaks out of the pot. Somehow it still lives though. Weird.


That one leaf on the far right is looking like it’s days are numbered, but there seem to be a couple of new branches splitting off. Good job, cellar plant.



We are just hanging around tonight watching the tube. I needed to get off my ass because my ass was getting sore. I took my camera with me and took a few pointless pictures. Now you, dear readers, will see them all.

The aperture on my lens only goes down to f5.6 and that doesn’t seem to be wide enough to get really good blurry backgrounds. Oh well.


Cellar Window

The plant in the cellar window is definitely growing a new leaf. I watered all of the plants down here this morning and water leaked out of the bottom of every pot. Insert frustrated grumbles here.


I think there might be new leaves on the other two cellar plants too, but there is also a lot more signs of distress. This pic shows one leaf turning brown at the tip. The other two are showing a lot of that, and it’s all much worse. I am hoping I won’t need to redesign the window arrangement to fit the other two plants.

I don’t want to move my desk swag. I just brought the Devil Dawg here from my parents house where it sat forgotten on a shelf…


Also, Mabel Pines may be the greatest character in television history. I can’t displace her.


What to do, what to do.

New Flowers!

The Japanese Peace Lilly is growing two new flowers!! Woohoo!!

I wonder if the plant flowers seasonally and the season is starting. It’s had one flower open for ages, months I think, and every day it seems to droop a little more. It’s still hanging in there though. It will soon have a flowery friend, and I think there is a third flower just starting to poke out of the leaves.


New flower:

Possible additional new flower (look close, there’s a little white thing just starting to come out):

Plant Update

Check out the new leaf on Bertha the plant clipping. This is leaf number four and it’s looking real good.

Check this out too. This was a surprise. I’ve been thinking that we’re losing Sgt Angel the Japanese Peace Lilly, but then I saw this last night.

Is that a new flower popping up? Is it going to turn green and be a new leaf? I haven’t a clue, but it’s new and it’s the same color as the flowers that bloom on this plant. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a new flower. The last one is brown and sad and probably 98% dead. Here’s hoping this is a good sign.

House plants! Wow!

Is the Plant Growing?

I think this might be a sign of old age, but I am completely fucking fascinated with the little plant clipping. It sat in a glass of water for a couple of weeks without growing at all, then in two days it sprouted killer roots. We potted it and put it in the window. I open the blinds every day (it only gets indirect sunlight) and I watered it a couple of times (not too much) and it’s definitely not dead yet.

But has it grown at all? I think so, but it might be wishful thinking. I’m going to start documenting it. Get ready for shit loads of pictures of Bellana’s little clipping.

I’m hoping it will be 10 feet tall by the time she gets home.

Two Fun Monday Things

I just want to add a quick post to mention two things that just happened because they are funny and weird and worth mentioning on a pointless blog like this.

I’ve mentioned before that I like to listen to podcasts while I work. I play them through the Apple HomePod Minis in the bedroom. Today when I tried to connect to them via Airplay they weren’t available. I asked Siri to tell me the weather and it came back saying it wasn’t connected to the internet. Our HomePods are setup through Jen’s Home app so I told her and when she gets a chance she’ll look at it.

A few minutes later, I am sitting at my desk working and suddenly, seemingly at random, Deep Purple’s Space Truckin’ comes roaring out of the HomePods. Oh yeah, it does! Come on, let’s go space truckin’ babie!

I know why it happened, but it’s just really funny that it did. Once the song was over it started playing some horrid Aerosmith song and I couldn’t get that bastard shut off fast enough. The Purple song though, that was a treat.

A few minutes after that I decided to water the plants. Literally, that’s not a urination reference. I literally watered the plants. I have a candle burning on the same table the plants sit on. As I was watering one particular plant I smelled smoke. I then saw smoke. Huh? Oh, it’s just my arm. It was over the candle and my arm hairs were singeing off. That’s all. Nothing major. No damage done… except to a few arm hairs. I can still sort of smell it though.

All of this before 10:00am

It’s Alive

I’ve mentioned this before, but we took a clipping from one of Bellana’s plants in the hopes of keeping it alive forever.

It’s been sitting in a glass of water for a few weeks and we were worried that our attempt was going to fail. While we didn’t see any roots sprouting, the thing didn’t appear to be dying. So I kept it in the glass of water and waited.

This morning I was looking at it, trying to figure out what was what. I expected something to sprout from the bottom, but I noticed something further up the stem.

That’s new! It’s still alive and it’s trying to grow new roots! Yes! We will let this little guy grow out a little more and then try potting it.

It’s so exciting! I’m so old!