Syd Barrett’s Last Session

I’m not sure why I find myself diving back into Syd Barrett’s music again. It’s something I’m drawn toward every now and then and it’s alway’s painful. His music from mid-1967 on is just so tragic.

You have two singles and an album from Pink Floyd that are magic and then a few singles and unreleased (then) songs before they kicked him out. Then the two solo albums, an outtake collection and a smattering of previously unreleased things that are simply tragic in their lack of focus. Some of the post-acid-or-whatever-happened-to-him songs are still brilliant (Vegetable Man, Jugband Blues, Octopus, and Dominoes) but most of it is pitiable in an imagine-what-could-have-been sense.

We all knew there was an attempt at a third album in 1974 that died after a single session. After that we know he showed up to a Floyd session in ‘75 and no one recognized him, but that was it. Now thanks to the wonders of bootlegging and YouTube we can hear that ‘74 session and it is just as lost as we’d been lead to believe.

For starters, let’s just assume that this is what it claims to be. Who know if it is, right? Let’s just go with it.

This is the sound of someone who didn’t have a clue what to do with himself, noodling out ideas that were mostly just 12-bar blues riffs. It’s heartbreaking to listen to but at the same time it’s light years better than I expected it to be. Knowing this was out there, I always wondered why they didn’t include any of it on the Opel compilation. Now I know why. There is nothing useable here.

Lately I’ve been hearing about rumors of additional lost recordings. There’s a documentary where Joe Boyd says he had, and lost, a tape of Syd playing songs that likely ended up on his solo records. This was before the mental breakdown. Syd told him he had a pile of songs Floyd didn’t use and Boyd asked for a tape thinking he could give some songs to another band he was producing.

Also, David Gilmour’s ex-wife is said to have remembered Syd coming to their house and using David’s home studio. She recalled the timing being well after Syd’s final album and his very short lived band, Stars, but well before the final session in ‘74. The mind boggles at the thought of what he might have had in his head at that time.

Anyway, listening to this recording makes me sad for what could have been, but also happy for what was. Go give Astronomy Domine or See Emily Play a spin and bask in his very fleeting musical glory.

The Great Conjunction

We are hoping we’ll be able to see The Great Conjunction tonight. If we do, I won’t have my Nikon with me. It’s in the closet that Santa used to stash the gifts he got for me, so it’s off limits (hehehe). It isn’t going to matter though, I don’t think. The two planets are hanging out in the South Western sky and we have cloud cover in that direction. I went out about half an hour ago to see if there was anything viewable. Even without the clouds, they would have been hidden behind the trees. We’ll try again after work (about half an hour from now) and if need be we might drive to another location. A park or a field or something. Someplace reasonably close that doesn’t have all the trees or the sick light pollution that we have in our neighborhood.

In closing, here is Astronomy Domine by The Pink Floyd. Syd Barrett knew this thing was coming all the way back in 1967…

Lime and limpid green, a second scene
Now fights between the blue you once knew
Floating down, the sound resounds
Around the icy waters underground
Jupiter and Saturn, Oberon, Miranda and Titania
Neptune, Titan, stars can frighten


The upside of a 90+ minute commute this morning was that I could listen to the deluxe edition of the new Pink Floyd album all the way through.

The upside of a 90+ minute commute this evening was that I could listen to Pink Floyd’s The Wall all the way through.

That’s it though. There are no other upsides.

Vimeo – Also Integrated into iOS 7

I tried out iOS 7’s integration with Flickr last night. Success. The other new service tied into the new OS is Vimeo. I didn’t have a Vimeo account until this morning. I’d be curious to see how the release of iOS 7 affects their account stats over the next few days. Anyway, I don’t have any video to upload at the moment, so I poked around for something to try to post here.

I found this cool Throwing Muses video from their tour of Europe a couple of years ago.

And for fun, here is the Wizard of Oz set to Dark Side of Moon.

Nothing to Say

I’ve got nothing to say tonight.  Nope, nuttin’.

Last night was my step daughter’s middle school chorus Christmas concert.  She was awesome.  She’s a star.  really.  The kids were great.  They worked very hard.  I know because she practiced every time we got in the car together.  Congratulations to all of the kids.

I have a slightly increased level of Christmas spirit thanks to the concert.  It’s enough to acknowledge the whole season, but not enough for me to be buried in buying gifts for everyone I know.

Maybe it might be time for the big guns… maybe it might be time for…

Right now I have the 12/12/12 hurricane Sandy benefit concert streaming via youtube.  Roger Waters just walked on stage and played a song that is supposed to end, symbolically, with a fighter plane crashing into the audience.

In New York.

At a benefit concert.

Roger has always done things his own way, and I’ve always admired that about him.  I’ve always been a huge fan as well.  Still… let’s hope the symbolism was lost on the majority of the audience, m’kay?

Okay, I’ve really got nothing to say tonight, so that is going to have to do for now.  Maybe I’ll have something to say after Paul McCartney fills in for Kurt Cobain later on… although I don’t expect to be awake for much longer.