Evening Drive

Harry and Jen and I just drove up to the ocean and back while listening to Pink Floyd. It was epic.

The Wall and Dark Side of the Moon all the way through.


We all needed to get out of the house. You know how it is when you’re 2.5 years into a pandemic. Sometimes you just need to get out of the house…

…and sometimes you need to blast The Floyd while you’re toolin’ up route 495 North.

Big Day for Prog Fans Tomorrow

Tomorrow is going to be a big day for prog rock fans.

I mentioned earlier that we are supposed to get a new Pink Floyd single tomorrow. We are also getting some new Alex Lifeson.

Envy of None’s album comes out tomorrow. It won’t sound even the tiniest bit like Rush, and based on the press they’ve been doing thus far, half the time you won’t hear guitar. Instead you’ll be hearing some other non-guitar sound that was actually played on a guitar.

I think the heroic Mr Lifeson may be embracing his inner Robert Fripp. Frankly, I am 100% here for it.

Yes indeed, it’s going to be a good day for prog fans.

Thursday Lunch Thoughts

I am writing this in the final few minutes of my lunch break. Today has not been fun. Neither was yesterday or the day before or much of last week. I am going to be needing the universe to lighten up and I am going to need it soon.

Apparently today is Opening Day for Major League Baseball. Hooray! The Red Sox are in New York to face the Fucking Yankees and wouldn’t you know it the game has been called off due to bad weather. If that isn’t a bad omen for the season I don’t know what is. Hopefully it’s more of a bad omen for the Fucking Yankees than it is for the Red Sox. We will see.

What? New Pink Floyd? Read this article. It sounds like Mr David G. once played a show with a Ukrainian artist who is now fighting against the Russian invasion. That guy posted a video of himself singing to Instagram, and the Floyd has worked it into a new song. The release will raise money for Ukraine. That sounds pretty sweet to me. Now we just have to hope it’s a good song. We’ll find out tomorrow, I think.

Okay, Robert. This work day ain’t gonna finish itself. Get to it!

On the Way

Harry is on his way home, I think. I have it on good authority (iOS Find My app) that he’s on route 89 heading South. I think he’s coming straight here, but I don’t know that for sure. This makes me happy. Very happy.

One of our christmas presents was ordered online and set to deliver to the recipient’s address. It wasn’t supposed to ship until next week, but it was delivered today. It’s like the theme from Facts of Life. You take the good, you take the bad, yadda yadda yadda. HoHoHo. The gift giving bonanza is officially underway.

Want to know something that I hate? I hate when I go to Google News, find an article worth reading, open the article, and find it’s behind a paywall. Can’t Google filter that shit out? Do they already do it and I just haven’t turned it on yet? I don’t know. I hate it. Either way.

Pink Floyd just surprise released a shit load of live albums today. They are all from 1970-72. Almost all of them are from 1971. Back in my bootleg hunting days, I went through a major Pink Floyd bootleg obsession. I have heard most of the shows they released today. I was hoping they were going to magically have high quality, multi-track recordings of those shows but they didn’t. They basically just released the same bootlegs I listened to years ago. I tried listening during work, but the bad sound quality stopped me. Don’t get me wrong, I am going to listen to every note that came out today 100 times each. I am not complaining about the sound quality. My favorite bootlegs are all from 1970, but the 1971 shows were magic too. Echoes! They were still improvising then. Not as much as they did in the beginning, but it was still a big deal. I am going to listen to all of this stuff in headphones and get as much inside of it as I can. Oh, and there’s a partial show from ’72 that has most of a pre-release Dark Side of the Moon. The song titles match the studio versions, but does the music? Might there be a Preacher in there? Might there be a jamming version of On the Run? (please?please?please?)

Okay, enough of my yakkin’. Back to work. When Harry gets here and the work day is over, we’re doing Marvel and Burgers night, just like we did before he went off to college. Awwww.

The Simpsons Explain Every Pink Floyd Album

This is the greatest thing that has ever happened to YouTube, The Simpsons, or (The) Pink Floyd.

One Simpsons clip to describe every single Pink Floyd record. Some are a touch too obvious (Animals) but some (looking at you, Atom Heart Mother and A Saucerful of Secrets) are so spot on it’s literally terrifying. Also, you will all finally understand what the hell was going on in The Final Cut.

Patches Doesn’t Dig Pink Floyd

I’m feeling a little blue today. Fathers Day often has that effect on me. I always feel like an imposter. It’s not right or wrong and I don’t want to debate it, it’s just the way it is. It’s okay.

Harry cleaned his room today and Jen shuffled around some computer equipment. Harry’s back at his father’s now, given the day I believe that’s the right thing to do even though I always want him here with us, and Jen was wrapping up her desk set up. She asked me to carry something into Bellana’s room for safe keeping, and she also said something about a mouse. She was referring to the personal computer peripheral input device but it instantly put a completely unrelated song into my head.

Patches was curled up in a ball on Bellana’s bed. I performed a dramatic poetry reading of the song lyrics in the hopes that it would cheer both me and her up a little…

I know a mouse, and he hasn’t got a house,
I don’t know why I call him Gerald.
He’s getting rather old, but he’s a good mouse.

Patches just sat there looking at me. No response at all. I don’t think she really gets Syd Barrett.

Syd Barrett’s Last Session

I’m not sure why I find myself diving back into Syd Barrett’s music again. It’s something I’m drawn toward every now and then and it’s alway’s painful. His music from mid-1967 on is just so tragic.

You have two singles and an album from Pink Floyd that are magic and then a few singles and unreleased (then) songs before they kicked him out. Then the two solo albums, an outtake collection and a smattering of previously unreleased things that are simply tragic in their lack of focus. Some of the post-acid-or-whatever-happened-to-him songs are still brilliant (Vegetable Man, Jugband Blues, Octopus, and Dominoes) but most of it is pitiable in an imagine-what-could-have-been sense.

We all knew there was an attempt at a third album in 1974 that died after a single session. After that we know he showed up to a Floyd session in ‘75 and no one recognized him, but that was it. Now thanks to the wonders of bootlegging and YouTube we can hear that ‘74 session and it is just as lost as we’d been lead to believe.

For starters, let’s just assume that this is what it claims to be. Who know if it is, right? Let’s just go with it.

This is the sound of someone who didn’t have a clue what to do with himself, noodling out ideas that were mostly just 12-bar blues riffs. It’s heartbreaking to listen to but at the same time it’s light years better than I expected it to be. Knowing this was out there, I always wondered why they didn’t include any of it on the Opel compilation. Now I know why. There is nothing useable here.

Lately I’ve been hearing about rumors of additional lost recordings. There’s a documentary where Joe Boyd says he had, and lost, a tape of Syd playing songs that likely ended up on his solo records. This was before the mental breakdown. Syd told him he had a pile of songs Floyd didn’t use and Boyd asked for a tape thinking he could give some songs to another band he was producing.

Also, David Gilmour’s ex-wife is said to have remembered Syd coming to their house and using David’s home studio. She recalled the timing being well after Syd’s final album and his very short lived band, Stars, but well before the final session in ‘74. The mind boggles at the thought of what he might have had in his head at that time.

Anyway, listening to this recording makes me sad for what could have been, but also happy for what was. Go give Astronomy Domine or See Emily Play a spin and bask in his very fleeting musical glory.