I’m Pretty Smart, I think

I’m pretty smart… I think.  At least I always thought I was.  My grades in school were always good.  In college I blew a curve on a test in Calculus II, and I got an A- for the semester in Calculus III.  I’m not saying I’m some kind of rocket scientist or anything.  Don’t expect me to do anything Earth shattering like building the better mouse trap, okay?  I’m not dumb though.  I have a decent brain and it usually gets the job done.

Taking that as truth… why the hell do I still live in a place where it snows?  I mean… I thought I would be smart enough to know better.  My wife, now she’s super smart.  She’s gotta be the smartest person any of us have ever met and yet she still lives here too.  My step kids?  Smarter still!  If anyone is going to build that better mouse trap it’s absolutely going to be one of them.  Yet… the four of us all still live in a place where it snows.

I just think that maybe after all this time we would have done something to fix this little snow falling problem.  Something like… move to Southern California.  You know, something like that.

Driving Around Town

I took a leisurely drive* around the city of Methuen on this fine Sunday morning and snapped a few pics of some of the stone walls and random castle-ish looking things that are all over the place.


This one is officially my pic for the photo a day thing.

I stopped here once and took some pictures with my D90. I couldn’t find a way into the little building thingie, but it is two stories high. Why is it there?






…and of course…

*Okay, here’s the real story. My beloved wife asked me to go out and pick up some breakfast for her. I drove past some stone walls on Pond Street and thought I should snap a pic but I didn’t. I drove to the store, got into the line, got right up to the front, and realized I forgot my wallet. I had to drive home, pick up my wallet, embarrassingly laugh at my own doofusness with my wife, then drive back. On the second trip I had the camera open and ready.

I Feel Like I Should Post Something

I feel like I should post something but I don’t know what. I was thinking about trying to sneak up to the ocean for some sunrise pics but I’m way too tired. Maybe Sunday morning. We’ll see.

I’ve done it (sunrise pics) at Salisbury Beach, which is in Massachusetts. I’ve done it at Hampton Beach, which is in New Hampshire. It only makes sense that the next one happens in Maine. Old Orchard Beach has a pier that is super cool and would look really good with some long exposure jazz happening in the water around it, but I am not sure that the sun actually rises over water there. The beach is actually in a bay and the land extends out into the water. If the angle is wrong, the sun would actually rise over the land. I spent some time looking at pics tonight both via Flickr and Google Images and it looks like it might be okay some days but not others. Either that or there was a lot of distance between the camera positions on some of those pics. I don’t know. The pier alone probably makes it okay, but if I am going to drive an hour to see the sunrise, I want to see the damn thing rise over the ocean, not the land. I can do that at home.

There. I felt like I should post something and now I have.

Huge Game

It’s a huge game today for fans in New England. This time of year it doesn’t get any bigger than this.

For some reason my gut is telling me that Jarome Iginla is going to light things up in the second period. I have no basis for that feeling except that Iginla is awesome. He’s a shadow of his younger self, but I am seriously digging the fact that he is finally a Bruin.

note: you didn’t think I was talking about the Patriots in the AFC Championship game, did you? Honestly, I could care less.

Sunrise at Salisbury Beach

Every weekend night at bed time for the last few months I’ve been checking the weather forecast for Salisbury Beach. Any time it called for clear skies I would tell my beloved wife that if I found myself awake about an hour before the sunrise I was going to make the half hour drive to the beach and take a few pics. The idea was to have sunrise pics to complement the sunset pics we took at Mission Beach in San Diego last year. Because, you know, I am a total dork like that. It never happened. I even set the alarm clock a couple of times, but I just never got myself out of bed.

This morning I woke up at about 3:30am and never fell back to sleep. The forecast called for clear skies. At 5:20 or so I figured, I’m awake anyway… what the hell, right? I also needed to be up early to take the Nissan to the dealer for some routine work. So I just did it. I went to the ocean and snapped some pics.

Here’s a good chunk of them.

I was there with about 20-25 minutes to spare, and the sky was bright enough to see without any trouble. I killed time by snapping waves and sand and everything.


Check out that sky. I mean, right?


I wasn’t the only nerd on the beach. There was a couple to my right who were posing a stuffed animal in front of the ocean. There was another group of three people hanging out to my left who were just visiting and waiting for the sun to arrive. There were also some folks out on the water, apparently.

I mean, the sky, am I right?

Even though the sun still hadn’t come up yet, I was digging the way the sky reflected off of the wet sand.


The Atlantic may be a total wimp compared to the Pacific, but she still snuck in a few decent waves.

The birds are flying South for the Winter. The jerks.


This guy doesn’t seem to be in a rush to get down South.

I guess there was stuff behind me too.

There’s one little spot on the horizon that’s getting brighter…

…Is that the sun I see?…

…Yes! There she is!

The guest of honor.

Good morning, Massachusetts!

One thing I remember about our Pacific sunsets is that the sun was not too terribly bright when it reached the horizon. You could look right at it, no problem. That was not the case today. It got really bright, really fast. I put the neutral density filter on not long after the sun first poked it’s head above the water. Sunglasses for the camera, if you will.

The farther out I zoomed, the less light made it in.



At this point the sun was well and truly up, and it was time to head to the Nissan dealer. Check off another of the goofy ideas I have for photo shoots. Done and done.

The Blizzard of ’13

Today has a high potential of a tremendous amount of sucking from a meteorological perspective.

The forecasts are calling for one to two feet of snow today into tomorrow.  Some are even saying it could be more than two feet.  The initial estimates were for the crap to start falling from the sky this morning and continue all night.  Now they are saying it won’t start until the afternoon.  The local media hype is on super ultra mega overload.  Supermarkets have been picked clean.  Panic is everywhere.

Every year New England seems to go through this at least once.  A storm is predicted and the news networks blow it up into some sort of world ending event, everyone freaks out, and then the storm fizzles.  I’m not saying the storm today is going to fizzle, but it’s a blizzard.  It’s going to suck.  All of this is true, but it’s not worth the panic people are displaying.

Jen and I are both working from home today, and the kids had school canceled.  All of this before a single flake fell.  Again, I’m not saying the preparations are unnecessary, and I for one am going to be seriously thankful come 5:30 tonight when I don’t have to drive home.

I guess what I’m trying to say is… This is New England.  We get snow.  We get blizzards.  Every single one of us has been through this a million times before.  Get a grip, people.  Stop acting like rookies and man up.

Here we see our front yard… nothing yet.Untitled

New England Weather

I’m sure you are all familiar with the old saying, (often attributed to Mark Twain, but is that accurate?) “don’t like the weather in New England? Wait a minute, it’ll change.”

Today has been the perfect example of that. Prior to leaving the house to bring the kids to their dad’s before school, I checked the Weather Channel app on my phone. It said the temperature was an incredible 62 degrees Fahrenheit. To say that temps in the 60’s in January is unseasonably warm is a huge understatement.

At 1:00pm I broke for lunch. I needed to go to the post office so I checked the weather app again. This time it gave a temp of 47 degrees. In about six hours the temperature dropped a whopping 15 degrees.

At 5:30 I got off work and immediately left to get the kids. I checked the temp again when we got where we were going and it was down to 36.

The temperature has dropped 26 degrees today.

I took a little longer than a minute, but it most certainly did change.