Ambulances Again?

Last night when we went to bed we saw that there was an ambulance parked in front of our neighbors house. From the little we saw, it did not look like they were taking anyone to the hospital. They were casually packing up and leaving when we first noticed them. Still, it was scary.

This morning just as the work day was kicking off another ambulance and a fire truck pulled up to the neighbors house. Shortly after, a second ambulance came. This time they did take one of the gentlemen next door with them. The second ambulance didn’t take someone, but one of the crew got out and went into the front seat of the first ambulance. Not sure what was going on there.

They all had come and gone within about 10 minutes. I hope our next door neighbor is okay. I’m really tired of ambulances. The universe needs to knock it off.

Well That was Crazy

A seriously nutty thing happened in the neighborhood today. Yikes!

Jen looked out the window and saw this gigantic mother of a crane rising out from a back yard a few houses up the street.

At first I had no clue what was going on, but about an hour later I saw that a wood chipper had been parked in front of that house and they were shredding a tree.

Ah, that’s the ticket. A few minutes later I saw it. They cut down a tree in the back yard, hooked it up to the crane, then carried it over the house and dropped it in the yard.

It’s not even my house, but sweet christmas was that stressful to watch! yikes, I say. Yikes!

As cool as that was it was tempered by three of my neighbors all standing in the street watching. No masks, no distance. I know them all by face and none of them live together. Come on. Why does 2020 have to throw in something bad along with anything good (looking at you, cheeto)?

Oh well. The crane was still cool.