It’s Like Henry Hill Out There

There was a shooting in our neighborhood this morning. It happened at about 5:30am. The victim passed away at Lawrence General hospital shortly after. There was also a car accident involved as a car crashed through a fence, drove through a couple of yards, and ended up in the woods.

I was awake at the time and wondered why I didn’t hear anything. Turns out it wasn’t really in our neighborhood. The road mentioned in the article is kinda huge and it’s possible the incident was nowhere near us. That’s a relief.

I did hear a helicopter or something lingering around above us this morning while I was getting ready for work. I assumed there was an accident on the highway near us. We get traffic copters flying around sometimes for that reason. There are two major highways very close to us, and one big state road. It happens.

Now I know they were watching the scene. There’s a tweet embedded in the article I linked and if you click on that you can see some additional pics that were taken from the air. That’s what I was hearing. I mentioned that to Jen, who is working from home which is where I wish I was working from right now, and she said she can still hear them.

It’s like Henry Hill for real. Don’t forget to stir the gravy and don’t call from inside the house!