Dodgers or Giants

I’ve been hyper focused on the Red Sox this season and I haven’t really given any thought to any of the other teams. Now that the Red Sox are in the ALCS (game one is tomorrow, Chris Sale is starting and I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not) I should probably take a look at who else is left. The National League Division Series will end tonight. It’s game five between the Giants and the Dodgers.

These two teams had the best win/loss records in the majors this year. The Giants finished at 107-55, just ahead of the Wild Card winning Dodgers who were 106-56. I don’t want to get ahead of things for the Red Sox. The chances of beating Houston in a seven game series are pretty slim. Still… who do I want to see come out of the NL? The Braves are already into the NLCS but they just earned the right to get their asses kicked by whoever wins tonight’s game.

The Dodgers were the team we beat in the 2018 World Series. They did come back to win it all in what passed for a season last year. Yippee for them. It would be fun to face them again, but they have Mookie Betts now. Do I really want to face Mookie?

As for the Giants… they were the better team this year, but I am thinking it might be time for some payback. Allow me to explain how they insulted the Red Sox so thoroughly…

In 1903 there was no Major League Baseball. There were two major professional leagues that were not actually associated to each other. The National League was older and had more clout. The American League was newer and generally considered inferior. That year, an agreement was made to have the winner of each league play each other in what was to be called the World Series. The Pittsburgh Pirates were the NL champs, and the Boston Americans (who eventually became the Red Sox) won the AL. They played a best of nine series and Boston won in eight games.

In 1904 it was expected that there would be another World Series. Boston won the AL pennant again, and the New York Giants won the NL. The owner of the Giants refused to let his team participate because he thought the American League was not worthy, even though the American League team had won the year before. The fans were royally pissed off and over the off season the agreement between the two leagues was formalized and the World Series became an official thing.

So in 1904 the Giants screwed the Red Sox out of a World Series. The New York Giants moved to San Francisco and tonight they are playing the Dodgers, another New York expatriate, for the right to stomp Atlanta in the NLDS.

I don’t know about the rest of Red Sox Nation, but I’m still pretty pissed off about 1904 and I really like the idea of getting some effin’ payback.

Still… it’s way too early to think about any of this. Whoever wins tonight wins and moves on. The Red Sox need to focus on the Astros and not worry about anything going on in that other league.

Okay, in closing I should give Atlanta the benefit of the doubt. If I write them off now it pretty much guarantees they will win. I’ve mentioned tenuous connections to Los Angeles and San Francisco (all I really needed to focus on was that they are both originally from New York which makes me hate them almost as much as I hate the Yankees), so what about Atlanta?

Well this one is the most obvious. Atlanta is the reason my fellow Bostonians and I do not have a National League team of our own. Before they were in Atlanta, the Braves were in Milwaukee. Before they were in Milwaukee… they were in Boston. They left us. They slipped away in the night and left us without an NL team. I personally would have loved to have an NL team in town. I would have been a Red Sox fan first and foremost, but I would have rooted for the Braves too. I would have gone to Braves games when the Sox were on the road. Absolutely I would have. But no… they left… and I will never forgive them. The jerks.


Today is the 20th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Never forget.

We will now commence with our annual self torture as we relive it all.

They just rang the bell in New York to mark the time when the first plane hit.

I’ll post again later after I clean up all of the tears.

Never forget, please.

I Was Such a Tool

I thought it would be fun to pull all of my old myspace blog posts onto wordpress.  Yeah.  Fun.  The archive files I got from myspace are on the desktop of my laptop so I only go through them when I am using my laptop, which is only once every couple of weeks or so.

What have I learned?

Nine years ago I was a major tool!

I swore a lot more.  I didn’t have to worry about kids reading over my shoulder, so there was little to no self censorship.  My attitude was idiotic.  I was pissed off all the time.  Even when I was writing about things that made me happy I managed to sneak in snide comments about something or other.  I just wasn’t happy with who I was or where I was at that time.

I’m still sifting through posts from 2006.  They are only a little more than eight years old.  They aren’t that old.

But something important happened in April of 2007.  Something Earth shattering.  I don’t know if it is going to show through in the posts from that time or not, but the major event really changed my attitude.  It changed the very foundation of who I am.

What happened in April 2007?

I met Jen, of course.

We started chatting online late in 2006, met for reals in 2007, got engaged in 2008, got married in 2009.

Everything about me is different now.  Everything about me feels better now.  I am so completely in love with her, I can’t even put it into words.  Jen has made me a better person.  I owe her everything that I am.  I love her so much.

100 Years Ago Today

100 years ago today Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated by Gavrilo Princip. That was the event that quickly spiraled out of control and kicked off the First World War. The war that marked the intersection between 19th century ideas of military honor and glory with 20th century destructive technological advancements.

In the past, an infantry charge into a defense equipped with early rifles and muskets was doable thanks to the short range, inaccurate, slow to reload weapons. By 1914 those crappy defenses were replaced with machine guns. The result was mass slaughter on a scale never before imagined. Throw in poison gas, tanks, submarines, and airplanes and it’s pretty easy to see how the tactics were left in the dust.

I had never heard this, but apparently Archduke Ferdinand’s murder was a bit of a farce. He came into the city on a published itinerary, and seven assassins were waiting for him. One threw a grenade which went off behind the Archduke’s car. His driver STOPPED THE CAR to help the wounded. Meanwhile the would be killers, Princip included, failed to continue the attack and Ferdinand made it safely to his destination. Later, he and his wife tried to go to the hospital to visit people hurt in the attack. Their driver took a wrong turn and stopped to back up. It just so happened by total coincidence that Mr Gavrilo Princip randomly happened to be standing right where the car stopped. He still had his gun with him and he used it, murdering Ferdinand and his wife.

That stupidity lead to millions upon millions of deaths in one of the worst cases of human butchery we as a species have ever experienced.

Confederate History Museum

Last week we visited the Confederate History Museum in Richmond, VA. The museum includes the Confederate White House. The place that Jefferson Davis lived and worked during his time as a treasonous leader of a treasonous nation.

Just in case you thought I was a Confederate sympathizer or something.

The one thing about the visit that fascinated me the most can be summed up in this picture:

The story is that when Richmond finally fell in April of 1865, President Lincoln took a ride down from Washington and visited the mansion. We did the same thing, only 148 years later.

The house was cool. Very ritzy in a Victorian kinda way. Gaudy by today’s standards, I think, but definitely swanky.



The absolute highlight of the visit came at the start of the tour. Our guide took us to the front entrance way and told us how the street outside was dirt, meaning mud, back in the 1860s. As a result, the entrance way was always dirty. To combat this, they didn’t have tiles on the floor, they had a mat that was painted to look like tiles. It was disposable, so every few weeks it would get dirty enough that they would peel it up and put a new mat down.

The guide then told us that the marble walls were not actually made of marble. They were covered with a wall paper that looked exactly like real marble. You couldn’t tell the difference until you were close enough to touch it.

After sharing these two neat details (as well as a few others) he asked if anyone had any questions. My step son then proved that he is the cleverest human alive. He raised his 10 year old hand, and when called on asked, “Why is everything in here fake?”

Huge laughs. It is possible that the Federals in the room were laughing louder, but that’s okay. Some of our group seemed to be under the impression that the war was still on going. Some seemed to be under the impression that the South won. Those of us who live in an place that did not secede from the Union knew better, and that was our little dig against the rebellion. Whatever your historical political leanings may be, my step son is one damn funny kid.


Cameras were not allowed inside the mansion, which is why you’re only seeing the outside here. The museum was interesting. Again, it sort of glossed over the fact that all of the Confederate triumphs still lead to their defeat. What can you do though, it wasn’t called The Civil War museum, it was the Confederate History museum.


I traveled through Richmond back when I was in High School and I remember not being impressed at all. Last week I thought much more highly of the place. At least the little bit that we explored. There were some great old houses. I’m not sure it’s someplace that I’d like to live, but I would definitely visit again.