Tomorrow night there is a new episode of a new Walking Dead spinoff airing. There is also a new episode (the first) of the new Game of Thrones spin off airing.

I think they air at the same time.

What am I gonna do?

Moon Knight – The Next Marvel TV Show

I know nothing about this except that this video says it is coming to Disney+ on March 30th.

So the Eternals has half of the cast of Game of Thrones. Now Marvel is grabbing an actor from Star Wars. Nothing wrong with any of that except for the whole identity crisis thing. I mean, while watching Eternals I kept wanting Robb Stark and Jon Snow to team up. They didn’t have an actual opportunity for that back in Westeros. Jon moved out of the house before things went nuts and Robb was left holding the bag, you know?

Now, how long before Mr. Moon Knight (yes, that was a sad attempt at a Beatles pun) calls up Rey and Finn and starts asking for help with the bad guys?

Seriously, I have been really pleased with all of the Marvel TV shows on Disney+. Even though I know nothing about this character, I am looking forward to it.

Game of Thrones Recap

My step daughter, Bellana, didn’t start watching Game of Thrones until a couple of years ago so I had to wait for her to finish before we could break it all down. Well, she’s done and we just spent the last hour tearing through our analysis of the last two seasons.

No spoilers, and therefore no details, but suffice to say neither of us were thrilled but also neither of us really want to kill the Davids the way a lot of fans do.

In summation: that was a lot of fun.

House of the Dragon

The teaser trailer for the Game of Thrones prequel on HBO, House of the Dragon, has been released.

Am I interested?

I don’t know.

I always said that if Arya or Tyrion got wacked I would stop watching (this list was later amended to include the wolves as well) and neither of them will be in this as both characters would be approximately -200 years old.

Do I want to sit through a Game of Thrones story that doesn’t have Arya or Tyrion or any of the Stark kids’ wolves?

I don’t know. Probably? Maybe? I am not sure.

This teaser doesn’t really excite me at all. Maybe we’ll have to wait until the show actually starts airing before I decide if I am interested or not.

Diana Rigg

Diana Rigg passed away. Cancer. I’m so sick of cancer.

She was wonderful. You all know her as the Queen of Thorns in Game of Thrones. You may all know her from the old TV series, The Avengers (not Marvel).

What we all should know her from though… the most important role she played… One of the most important roles in film history…

She played Mrs James Bond.

Rest in Peace, Mrs Bond.

British Actors

There are only like 10 British actors at any given time. I think, at least.

We are spending some of our social distance time watching Downton Abby. It good. I mean, the world was obsessed with it for a reason.

It’s confirmed my suspicion that, while television in the UK can be excellent, they all have the same cast.

So far Downton Abby has had Ygritte and Ser Jorah “Sir Friendzone” Mormont from Game of Thrones, and both Daredevil and Legion from the Marvel TV universe. I expect at some point we will see the cast of Absolutely Fabulous and Monty Python’s Flying Circus as well.

On a side note, I saw one scene where Rose Leslie, aka Ygritte, was standing in a crowd of people and I thought to myself, gee Robert… wasn’t she was taller than that? That’s when I remembered her real life husband, Kit Harrington, aka Jon Snow, aka you know nothing, is supposed to be tiny in person. I guess I thought she was tall because next to him she looks like some kind of comic book rendition of an Amazon warrior or something.

And that, kids, is the ridiculously tall guy making a short joke while stressing out over social distancing. You’re welcome.