Sunday Thoughts

Let’s be clear, this post is procrastination.

It’s Sunday, I have some chores I want to get done. Instead I am sitting at my computer. The Red Sox game is less than four hours away. They are on the MLB network today. I’m trying to find a way to stream the game to my computer so I can watch it while I clean stuff in my room. No dice. I do not think our cable package includes the network so that kills pretty much all of the legit streaming options that I know of. I wonder if youtube is doing anything. Hmmm… Nope. It doesn’t look like it. Unless MLB is going to add something closer to the start of the game.

I try not to talk about blog stats too often as that feels like cork sniffing and maybe pandering for hits or some shit and that’s not what it’s about. I just like stats. Baseball stats, hockey stats, covid stats (though “like” is the wrong word there), and blog stats. I was curious how close last month came to matching the highest month on my old account. I looked that up a few months ago and thought I remembered the ball park figure. I didn’t. The number I remembered was quite a bit higher than the reality. Turns out last month destroyed the old account’s record, and so did the month before. Okay, I guess I never have to go look at the old account again. That’s good.

Speaking of blogging… is it coming up on time for a new theme yet? It could be. We’ll see.

I still haven’t played the guitar. I am 3/4 (approximate) through a four day weekend and I haven’t taken it out of the case. I keep looking at it. I keep saying I’m going to do it. Sigh… soon.

Okay. I need to get my shit together today. Let’s go, fat boy. Let’s get some stuff done, then listen to the game on the radio, then play the guitar, then watch The Walking Dead and World Beyond, then go to sleep. You can do it, fat ass. You can do it.

Horatio Nelson Jackson

My beautiful wife and I have pretty much checked out this weekend. I had a work issue come up Friday night, we went birthday present shopping yesterday, and went to a birthday party today. The rest of the weekend has been split between sleeping late and flaking out. It’s been heaven.

Right now we are watching a Ken Burns documentary on a guy named Horatio Nelson Jackson. Who the hell is that?

In 1903 he was in San Francisco and made a bet. Some one said, I bet you $50 you can’t drive an automobile from here to New York. Four days later, Jackson was on the road to New York.

Although there were no actual paved roads. There were also no maps. There were also no gas stations. There were also no auto mechanics. His car was basically a buggy with a little motor. How it got him across town, I’ll never know.

That didn’t stop this nut job from hitting the road though. We’ve got a half hour left in the show. Hopefully I will be able to post again later saying that his story ended in New York. We’ll see.

I have never seen a Ken Burns documentary that I didn’t seriously enjoy. This is no exception.

Thanks, Ken Burns!