Where Were You?

Where were you when the supreme court of the republican fascist states of america removed a basic healthcare right from half of the citizens of this shit hole of a country?

I was in my daily stand up meeting with my group at work. We were talking about reproducing a customer’s issue in a complicated setup situation. Jen sent me a text and let me know.

I would like to thank my democratic party for working so diligently to add justices to the supreme court so that this would not happen. Sitting there with your heads up your asses doing nothing at all is very hard work, I am sure.

I am really fucking sick of being embarrassed by this shit hole country.

Might be Time to Leave Facebook

I’m really tired of the fascism and science denial and inability to know truth from lies on facebook. I think it’s time to bail. I am thinking about blocking everyone except Jen and the kids and the guys in the band. I’m sick of learning how stupid people in my life can be. How completely lacking in feelings or humanity so many people are when you remove the sham of direct personal interactions.

Right now I look at facebook and I just want to tell everyone there to go fuck themselves. I’m just so sick of it all. Obviously it’s not everyone, but I feel like I no longer want to worry about collateral damage, if you know what I mean.

Twitter and Instagram are the other social network services I use and they are both awful too, but so much of facebook is just bile and I think after 13 years it is time to flush away the puke.

Hockey Depression

The Montreal Canadiens have advanced to the Stanley Cup Final. As if life weren’t difficult enough already.

They beat Vegas in overtime last night. It’s Montreal’s first trip to the finals since 1993. It’s the first Canadian team to make the finals since 2011 when the heroic, glorious Boston Bruins beat Vancouver.

For my money, anything short of a Bruins cup win feels like misery. The only way it could be worse is if the Montreal Canadiens win it. The last Bruins cup was in 2011. The last Canadiens cup was in 1993. The fact that their drought has been longer than ours is a literally a source of bliss for me. It’s the only thing that can soothe the pain of the Bruins not being the champs. Remember a couple of years ago when the Bruins lost in the finals to St Louis (gag)? As heart breaking and gut wrenching as that loss was, at least we could still say that we had won more recently than Montreal.

The other semi final series has its game seven tonight. Tampa Bay vs Long Island. I am still very much in Tampa’s corner, but if the Islanders should win it and advance to the finals I will be 100% an Islanders fan for a couple of weeks. Even though they are the bastards who eliminated my Bruins, and even though they are from (gag) New York.

As Princess Leia once said (via a hologram stored in R2-D2) to Obi-Wan Kenobi, “this is our most desperate hour.” The Montreal Canadiens must be stopped. They must be stopped!

Apple Pissed Me Off

How’s that for a click bait title? Good?

I have the Apple News widget on my iPhone. It just gave me a headline talking about some idiotic covid-19 conspiracy. What the fuck is that, thought me. It was a Fox News story. Why the fuck is a Fox News story showing up on a News app? What idiot at Apple let that right wing nazi propaganda bullshit company onto their news app? Thanks for insulting my intelligence, Apple. What the fuck? I am so pissed off right now I can’t even. Why not just put adam nazi jones or some bullshit like that? News? News, my ass. What the hell, Apple. You need to be better than this. This is unacceptable.

Screwy Day

This has been a screwy day. Fortunately it hasn’t been as screwy as yesterday. American citizens didn’t storm the US capital to disrupt the constitution. We’ve got that going for us at least.

Pelosi says it’s time for the 25th amendment. I hate to break it to you, but the time for the 25th amendment was probably before the president of the united states sent terrorists to attack the congress. That’s just my $0.02 though.

I have a splitting headache. We still have one day to go until the weekend. Five day weeks just seem endless right now, especially when they include mass acts of treason.

I’m so tired of this. So many of my fellow americans can just go suck it.

A Quick Nap

The joint session of Congress certified the electoral college results over night. Joe Biden is our next President… again… still.

Now our government gets to take a bit of a nap to recharge after a bad day and then the Vice President and the cabinet enact the 25th amendment and remove Trump from power and the House of Representatives starts new impeachment proceedings… right?

Calls to Stand Down

It’s fucking hysterical. I keep hearing about government officials asking trump to tell the terrorists to stand down.

What the fuck is wrong with you? Trump is THE REASON ITS HAPPENING. He’s not going to tell them to stop, this is what he wants. He all but told them to do it during his speech earlier today. Why would he tell his personal army of hillbilly assholes to stop? How thick can you get?

This is his doing.

Third World Nation

I’m listening to an NBC News audio feed and I just heard a congress woman compare the situation at the Capital right now to a third world country.

That’s us. We are what cheeto once called a shit hole country. I heard a few minutes ago that they are going to send in the National Guard. The fascists and the terrorists are in charge right now.

Welp, the US had a good 245 year run. It’s over now.


Are you following the idiocy going on in Washington right now? It’s embarrassing. On the one hand we have fascist legislators calling into question the legitimacy of the presidential election because some guy said so. That’s what it comes down to. Ted Cruz, the schmuck of all schmucks who thinks that being as evil as trump might get him elected president someday, argued that a lot of americans doubt the election so we should scrap the whole process. Fuck you Ted.

On the other hand, cheeto’s mob of cult members spent some time sucking at his teat today before storming the capital building. The law and order party is rioting against Capital Police as I type this. The blue lives matter party is attacking police officers. This is terrorism. It’s that simple. It is terrorism orchestrated by the cult leader. Every single one of these people need to do time for this. Trump included. Terrorists. All of you. Fuck you all.

No proof. None. There was no massive election fraud that changed the outcome of the election. If proof existed why didn’t you give it to the courts? You didn’t give it to the courts because it doesn’t exist. Fuck you, Cheeto.

I am ashamed to be an American right now. Evil has taken over. It’s going to fail, of course, but that doesn’t negate anything that’s happening today. We are no longer a democracy. We are a fascist nightmare. Evil is in charge of our country. We’re finished. America is over. Fuck you, nazi fucks.