American Life is Exhausting

He said that catching covid was a blessing from god. I hate to sound like a broken record, but the 210,000 corpses likely disagree. Or they would if they weren’t so dead.

I don’t have the energy to do anything. I just watch TV and doom scroll twitter. I could be playing the guitar right now but instead I’m watching TV and doom scrolling twitter.

We’re less than one month from the election. It’s a goal to work toward. The results are irrelevant because the election will be rigged again, just like 2016. Until that time though it is this pie in the sky future seen through rose colored glasses. Our absentee ballots haven’t arrived yet. I heard a report on the radio the other day that said the ballots should all be in the mail by the end of the week. What happens after that, we’ll have to wait and see.

I’m so tired of this.

He Lied Again

So the nazi in chief is in the hospital with COVID-19 and he decides to go for a drive to get his ego sucked off by the maga slime superspreading outside in the parking lot. In an air tight security SUV with security inside the car with him, he goes on a little one douche parade.

What does this tell us about his illness?

It tells us it’s fake. He doesn’t have COVID-19. He’s doing this to show his base that the disease that has killed 209,000 Americans is nothing to worry about. He’s doing this as some idiotic publicity stunt.

I wonder what the 209,000 corpses would have done for the chance to go outside just one more time while they lay dying alone.


I am starting to get really pissed off.

I have been in three or four discussions today on the topic of kids going back to school during the pandemic.

One started with a parent at a town meeting saying that her kid going back to school in person was worth the risk of two kids dying. It’s only two dead kids, she said.

Another started with, police and fire departments need to go back to work so teachers should go back too.

I just can’t believe that actual human people made these arguments in all seriousness. I mean, it’s only two dead kids, right? What’s the worry? It is infuriating! Fire departments go to work so teachers should too? Do teachers take the job with the understanding that it might cost their lives? I’m not a fire fighter, but I’m pretty sure they do. Likewise, I’m not a teacher but I’m going to take a wild guess that the answer is an emphatic and total NO! No they don’t! If you think a teacher should risk his or her life for their profession then FUCKING PAY THEM FOR IT. Again, I’m not a teacher but I am willing to bet that teachers don’t get hazard pay.

It’s only two dead kids, she said. Well ma’am, what if one of the two dead kids is yours? Is it worth the risk then? You fucking moron? Is it worth it if your kid dies, or is it only worth it if some other mothers’ kids die?

Have we as a people always been this evil? How could so many of us not have noticed?

Oh… and I won’t use that over sized first letter thing again, okay?


Watch this.

The President of the United States is completely delusional. He’s trying to spin death as a positive. It’s unfathomable.

I haven’t watched the full interview yet but I’m going to post it so I can find it here later.

I’d say enjoy, but I expect it’s more likely to infuriate.


My country is burning and there is nothing I can do. I feel powerless. I feel impotent. Our neighbors are being murdered in the streets for the crime of having the wrong color skin, more neighbors are dying of a plague that should be simple to avoid but isn’t because so many of my neighbors feel that their comfort is more important than other people’s lives.

I need to feel like I have control over something or else I’ll loose my mind. The grass. I have control over the grass. It’s way too long so I’m cutting it all even though doing so makes my back hurt like you wouldn’t believe.

It is an absolutely gorgeous day here in this place that used to be called America.

The Stir Crazy Files – Episode 7

It’s been a week and a half, can I get used to this already?  Come on, this is stupid.

My normal-life telecommuting day is Thursday.  New episodes of Star Trek Picard come out on Thursdays.

A few minutes ago I was shaving… why?  I don’t know.  As I was shaving I thought to my idiot self, I’m working from home today so there is a new Star Trek Picard to watch before work.  Sweet!


It’s Wednesday.  It’s my eighth consecutive telecommuting day.  Why the hell can’t I stop thinking every single effing day is Thursday?  Brain, would you get on this please?  I’m tired of being disappointed over no new Picard every single solitary day!  Enough already!

And what the hell am I gonna do when Picard is over?  I should have three more weeks of The Walking Dead followed by the premier of the new spin off.  Wrong.  It’s two more weeks and then nothing.  The season finale of The Walking Dead isn’t finished and it won’t be until after this all clears up.  It has been delayed indefinitely.  The new series is also still in post production so they are pushing that off indefinitely too.  Same with (at least some) of the CW DC Comics shows.  The final episodes are being delayed until it’s all over.  Bloody hell!

That’s all right though, our schmuck of a president say’s all of the restrictions will be lifted by Easter.  He said it would be so great to see all of the churches full.  When I heard that I realized what his goal was.  He doesn’t want to be remembered as a nazi.  He wants to be remembered as a great nazi.  Therefore he is going to arrange for the death of millions of Americans.  He’s going to go down in history as the first great mass murderer of the 21st century.  Why should hitler have all the fun, right?

Our president is evil.  He’s going out of his way to demonstrate it each and every day.

Okay, so this goofy post about feeling stir crazy got a little heavy right there.  It’s okay.  It needed to be said.

Don’t Read the News

If you enjoy freaking out and panicking over the state of the world related to COVID-19 then by all means go ahead and read the news.  I often start my lunch break by perusing Google News.  I look through the headlines of the topics I follow and if something catches my interest I’ll open it up in a new tab and save it for later.  Once I’ve gone through the front page I pop on over to those other tabs and start-a-readin’.

In our present global situation though, a quiet little lunchtime activity like that is enough to either make me want to punch everyone on Earth square in the face, or curl up in a ball and cry as the world around me collapses into anarchy.  Yeah, both alternatives sound like so much fun.

In one article I read a few minutes ago, the Governor of New York said that things are falling apart much faster than anticipated.  He said the Federal Government (I don’t recall which agency) has a stockpile of about 20,000 respirators.  New York estimates they need 30,000.  The Feds (I think he said FEMA) agreed to send 400.  Four Hundred.

Who was it, the Lt Governor of Texas, I think, who yesterday said that grandparents are willing to die in order to save the US economy.  Really.  I am not kidding you.  Some numb nuts actually said that.  The nerve… the gall… the stupidity.  I said it in a post yesterday and I’ll say it again.  These fascists clearly care more about giving money to billionaires than they do about the lives of the people who put them in their offices.  Their constituents are worth less to them then their bank balance.  If that isn’t evil, then what is?

A few weeks ago I got into a minor online argument with a maga cult member who swore that electing a socialist like Joe Biden… as if Joe Biden had a socialist bone in his body… would burn down the entire country.  As of this moment, there is a bill being hammered out in the US Legislature that is by all accounts near completion that will see the US government send checks of $2400 to married couples, with an additional $500 per child.  Funny… I don’t hear those maga cult members I was arguing with complaining about socialism now.  Now that the high priest of fascism, the cheeto himself has come out in favor of this plan.  Is socialism no longer the devil that you swore it was?  How does that work?  Is it not socialism if a republican does it?  Hypocrites.

Okay, I’m done with the news today.  I’m going to put my headphones back on and listen to podcasts about Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead.  After that, maybe some prog rock.  Probably no blues today… my heart can’t really take that right now.

Wash your damn hands.


Their Money or Your Life

Trump and his collaborators are talking about ending the stay at home coronavirus response so that people will go back to work and the economy will recover.

If you thought for a second that your life was more important to them than their donors’ money then you are as big a moron as they think you are.