As the clock struck 4:28pm today I happened to glance out the window and just catch the sun setting.


I hate this time of year. Sure it’s nice to wake up at 6:00am and not have it be pitch black darkness outside, but come on man… dark by 4:30? Bite me.

Didn’t Think of That

Intermittent Fasting and Daylight Savings don’t play nicely together. I just got a notification from the Zero app telling me that I hit my 16 hour goal. How is that possible? It’s not 1:00, it’s only noon.

Oh yeah. There’s an extra hour today. Daylight Savings time starting in the Spring is going to make it worse. My 16 hour fast won’t end until 2:00 on that day! Crap!

Complete change of subject:

Yesterday I brought a bag of trash outside to the barrels and there was a deer in the trees about 10 feet from me. We scared the crap out of each other. She ran off about 20 yards away and then stood there watching me. I stayed too and had a little chat. I tried the trick you do with cats where you close your eyes to show that you trust them. When I opened them again she looked away. Did it work? I managed a picture. It was awesome.

Amazingly, almost exactly the same thing happened today! I went to the trash barrels and there was a stirring in the trees just a few feet away from me. This time the deer was calmly walking away. I caught a good look. It was a buck with antlers! I think there were three points… assuming I know what I’m talking about, which I honestly don’t. He didn’t stay to chat, which was sad. He strolled up a little hill just inside the tree line and vanished.

November 1st

As I was turning to head back to the house I saw a doe too. She’s probably in this picture at the far right. They camouflage so well, the little furry bastards.

I want to be friends with them. We can’t have people over anymore, so maybe the deer could keep coming for visits? That would be nice.


File under -Obligatory End of Daylight Savings Time Post-

We overslept this morning. I was hitting snooze in my sleep for more than three hours. Woah! I had to get out of bed to pee (TMI at it’s best) at 8:15. While I was up I checked the clock on the cable box in the living room. It said 7:15.

Oh yeah, kiddies. Daylight Savings ended last night and we gained an hour! WOOHOO! We overslept but not as bad as we thought we did! Yes!