Got Him

ABC News is reporting right now that the guy who wore the Camp Auschwitz sweatshirt to the coup d’état at the Capitol building last week has been arrested. I didn’t catch his name, and I probably wouldn’t post it anyway without a second source, but this piece of shit was the one I was most wanting to see in jail.

This slime needs to go away for a long time. He needs to be removed from civilized society.

Assuming they got the right guy, I tip my hat to law enforcement.


It’s after my bed time and my laptop battery is getting close to dying. I worked on bass and drums for two songs tonight while also trying to follow the goings on in Washington. Chuck Schumer is kinda my Senate hero after using the T word. He called the rioters domestic terrorists. A perfectly accurate description.

I know that at least the Senate has voted to accept the Arizona electoral votes despite the first objections. I’m proud of them for working through the night. How decidedly un-McConnell like. I guess all we needed to whip the fascists was to have someone attack them personally.

It sounds like Trump’s cabinet might be resigning soon. It’s about fucking time, you fascist pricks. We’ve also heard that the 25th amendment was seriously discussed at one point today. Again, it’s about time you assholes did something about this.

Here’s to certifying the electoral votes, and here’s to the fascists finally showing their true selves and getting bitch slapped right out of existence. (well… as for that last bit… let’s hope that’s how it plays out)


Warnock beat Loeffler!
Ossoff has a decent lead over Perdue but it’s still too close to call.

We are one baby step closer to removing the fascists from power in the Senate. We’ve already taken the House. On 1/20 we’ll have the White House again.

The full Congress meets to certify the Electoral College vote today and that is going to be a shit show for the ages. In a sane America today should be a rubber stamp. In our current fascist anti-American nightmare it’s a gift wrapped chance for the next phase of the ol’ cheeto coup d’état.


Keep your fingers crossed that Ossoff can hold his lead and take that second Georgia Senate seat and boot the nazi shit sippers from the Senate.

High Stress

The stress level is very high today. That is expected to a degree, but it’s much higher than it should be. I should actually be relaxing a little. I thought I was going to have to go into one of my company’s buildings this week but I found out today I don’t have to. I only have to wait in the parking lot. That’s nice. That should be calming me down, and it probably is a little, but it’s not straightening me out.

It’s probably Georgia that’s messing me up. The control of the US Senate is up for grabs after all and moscow mitch is just as evil and vile as the cheeto so getting him out of the majority leader seat is pretty gigantic. There’s also the coup d’état that the cheeto and his cult are trying to pull off. The next hurdle in thwarting his idiotic ass is tomorrow when the joint session of congress certifies the electoral collage vote. What could go wrong there? Who knows. Our country is an absolute shit hole right now. Screw you cheeto, and your little cult too.

On a personal note though… calm down, fatty. Stop stressing over things you can’t control.

In closing:

Let’s go Georgia (clap clap clapclapclap).

Monday… Crud

Oh the sadness. It’s Monday again. Back to work. The holiday season is officially kaput. Now there is nothing on the event horizon except for the continuing saga of the trump cult’s farcically incompetent attempted coup d’etat.

Crud. When is 2021 gonna fix everything and make us all happy and stuff?