Skin or No?

The whole front of the house has been mowed. Next is the side and then the back. Speaking of backs, mine hurts a lot. When I say a lot I mean a ton. When I say a ton I mean a mountain range sized hurt. I took some Tylenol an hour ago. Just imagine how much this would hurt without it. Yikes.

Slight subject change. What is this?

I often find garter snakes hanging out on the lawn mower when I bring it out. There was a little guy on it today, in fact. My first thought was this thing is a snake skin. Now I’m not sure. Now I think it’s some kind of coating that used to be on the pull starter’s rope.

Either way, it’s a backyard mystery.


Today is the day you die, tall grass. Today is the day I cut you down.

My name is Robert the Red head. You made my yard look ugly. Prepare to die.

Now What?

The trip to Virginia is over.  The trip to see Rush is over.  The Bruins first round series is over and the next round doesn’t start until tomorrow.

Now what?  What do I talk about today?

Both kids have games tonight at the same time, so it will be a late evening out for Jen, both kids, and me.  I’ve seen my step daughter play in two games, and my step son play in one.  I want to see more.

Earlier this morning I discovered a sure fire way to spot an addicted gambler.  I was at a convenience store in Tewksbury that offers KENO games.  There was a car parked in the lot with a license plate that approximated the word, “SLOTS”.  It was also 7:11am.  Yup, I think I found me a compulsive gambler!

This weekend we are going to have a mini birthday party so there will be cleaning.  I need to get the damn lawn mower running so I can cut the grass.  I want to get a bird feeder to feed my inner bird watching nerd, and there is always the dream of patio furniture.  The catch with patio furniture is mosquitoes.  There have been do it yourself mosquito trap ideas floating around Facebook lately.  Maybe if we start to picnic we’ll try one.


I walked into the bedroom to get my MacBook to maybe noodle some tunes.  I saw some motion through the window.

A Deer!

I called the kids in and leaned up to the window.  I saw a second, then a young third, then I looked over to the far side of the house and saw four more!  Seven deer in the yard!  Not in the woods, they were trudging through the snow in the back yard.  It was awesome!