Sleepy Monday

It’s Monday. Back to work today. I’ll punch in about 30 minutes from now. How will the new work week feel? Last week was weird. It simultaneously felt like I never left and like I was completely out of touch and clueless.

Will I feel more like myself and less like an imposter this week? I don’t know. I assume whatever weirdness was happening last week will cease eventually, but when?

I don’t know.

What I do know is that I am trying to have a little chicken for breakfast and I think I went too fast or didn’t chew a bite thoroughly enough because my stomach is acting unhappily. It feels like a little pressure in my digestive track. Almost like there’s a bite of food sitting outside of the stomach, waiting for the bouncer to let him in. I may have used that analogy before. Have I? I can’t recall for sure. I think I’ll wait five minutes or so before the next bite. How exciting is this?

Speaking of post-op recovery. One of the restrictions they put on me was not lifting anything heavy for six weeks. 25 pounds was the limit. I’ve been wanting to swap the amp out of my music nook, but both amps are over 40 pounds. Fortunately my six weeks are up on Wednesday. Vox out/Fender in, the day after tomorrow.

Last night was the first night since before the surgery that I failed to get six hours of sleep. Five hours and 40 minutes. I’m feeling sleepy right now. My sleeping hart rate dip was 21%, and my restful sleep time was four hours and five minutes. Those numbers are pretty good. The total though… early to bed tonight?

Okay. I think I will punch in now.

Better Than Expected

I was afraid that today was going to be a bad day, but so far it’s been okay. Whatever was up with my head this morning cleared up around the time I punched in to work. Jen is okay too. She doesn’t feel all better, but she is okay. That’s good.

The bad news so far was the exterminator. He’s pretty sure we’re going to have some damage behind the shower wall in our master bathroom. Now that we’ve spent all of that money fixing the cellar and the kitchen and the dining room… now we’re going to have to fix the bathroom too. We may end up ripping out the shower and not replacing it. We’ll have to see.

I am punching out of work in about 20 minutes and then going over to the hospital to sit with my mother for a while. That could turn out to be a rough situation, but I am ready for it. I am eating a little dinner right now (three ounces of chicken) so that I don’t have to worry about it later. I’ll be taking a big water bottle with me. I should be able to hit both my protein and liquid goals for the day. I am pretty confident.

Music Tomorrow?

I’m thinking of getting up early tomorrow and doing some car music. It will be my first attempt at tracking vocals since the surgery. I’m hoping it doesn’t hurt at all. I have three songs ready to go so there’s plenty to work on.

Tomorrow is the last weekday of my sick leave. I should spend it on music as well as tracking liquids and food protein levels, right?

Only Two Days?

New Years gave us a long weekend last week. Christmas gave us a long weekend the week before.

This weekend is just a normal two day weekend? What the hell? You mean I have to go to work tomorrow?

That’s so harsh, bro. So harsh.

I Don’t Want to Work Tomorrow

It’s getting nearer and nearer to bedtime on Sunday January 2nd. When today ends, the holiday season ends with it. You know what that means, right? That means we go back to work tomorrow. Ugh.

I don’t want to go back to work tomorrow. I should have taken this whole upcoming week off. I have so much vacation time banked that I am going to stop accruing more if I don’t start using it. I have one day off booked already mid-month, but I really should have taken January 3-7 off.

Change of subject…

Homework assignment for myself: Research Maastricht University, including the city it lives in, and everything about The Netherlands that relates to it that I can find.

Get to work, fat boy.