Another Reason to Hate Autumn

It’s Autumn. Fall. I really don’t like Fall. I kinda hate it. Here’s one reason.

We caved in and had a landscaping team clean up our yard today. The main reason they were here was to fix and clean the rain gutters on our roof, but they also cleared the yard. Awesome.

Less than an hour after they left I looked out the window and it was literally raining leaves. It was the front of the house. We don’t have any trees in the front of the house. Two doors down from us they have a huge oak tree. The leaves were falling off that tree and the wind was blowing them all the way to our yard. At this rate, within a day or two you won’t be able to tell that our lawn was clear today.

Fall sucks.

One slightly related note. In our back yard the leaves fall off the trees in the woods and the wind blows them all right against the house. The yard itself is usually not too bad, but the base of the house is a leafy mountain. There are some windows along the foundation of the house but only one of them can actually be seen from the living space in the cellar, the rest are in the storage areas. After the landscape folks left, and at the start of my lunch break, I went down stairs to put some laundry on. I couldn’t believe how much light there was down there. Turns out that one window was free of leaves for the first time in a year and you could actually see through it. It was kinda cool. Of course, by the end of the week the window will be blocked again. Yippee.

Thursday Morning Musings

It’s September 30th. How the hell did we get here so fast? Yesterday and today the outside temperature when we woke up was cold enough for jackets. It just sucks. Covid ate two summers in a row, but they both flew by so fast anyway that I feel like we would have missed them even without Covid. Crud.

I forgot to mention this yesterday, but yesterday was the 11th anniversary of our buying this house. Our 11th Homeownerversary, if you will. I didn’t do anything to celebrate then, but I did today. I went downstairs to do laundry. While downstairs I looked for leaks and water on the floor. I didn’t find any. Oh happy day. I think there is probably some water under the floor tiles in a few spots still, but nothing visible. I need to run the dehumidifier for a few days to clean up the hidden stuff (in theory at least. Will it work? Who knows).

We are going to see the kids this weekend. Bellana asked if we could bring up some Fall clothes for her. I offered to wash everything first. Big mistake, Robert. There is so much laundry to do. So much. Mountains and piles and piles and mountains (I am exaggerating, yes, but there is a lot of it. A lot). I hope to have it all done tonight.

We missed the new What If last night. Jen was tied up at work and by the time that was wrapped up and dinner was done Harry was busy with homework. We’ll try the watch party thing again tonight. Last night we were going to mess up the tradition by not having burgers, but we can fix it tonight. Jen suggested veggie burgers. Consider it done.

And now, on to work. Happy Thursday, folks.

I Hate Today

Today is one of the worst days of the year. It’s the first day of Autumn. That means Summer is officially over. It’s all down hill from here. Everything is going to die and turn ugly brown and then freeze. I hate this time of year. I mean, there are a lot of things to love. Leaf Peeping is great. Sleeping with the windows open and the blankets pulled up to your eye brows is sweet. Baseball playoffs. Hockey. There’s a lot to love. Still, I find the fall depressing. It’s not a season of it’s own, it’s just the ramp up to Winter. I loathe Winter.

This time of year the traffic is unbearable and you can’t get anything done without suffering through a mass of people who seem to have forgotten how to pay attention to what is going on around them. My 8.5 hour work day becomes 12 hours because it takes so damn long to get there and back.

The trees die, the flowers die, the grass dies. The only thing that doesn’t die is the effing garter snake I just found in the cellar. I was really hoping we were finished with those slithery little assholes. I didn’t have anything down there that I could kill it with. I tried squashing it with the cat’s old scratching post but it just lay there takin’ it like it was nothing. I actually heard it say, “That all you got, fat boy?” The little asshole. Hey, why don’t you use your arms and legs… oh… sorry. You don’t have any! BAM! Sick burn you little reptilian puke.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, here’s a big hearty double freedom rockets right up in your ugly face, Fall. Kiss my incredibly fat ass.

You too, snake. You suck.

To Do List

I took a vacation day today. Mostly because I wanted to get the kids where they need to be for trick or treating tonight, but also partly because I can no longer put off the painful deed…

My nemesis must finally be dealt with.


I dropped the kids off at school. Went home and made a little breakfast (and goofed around on the internets for a little bit) and then went outside to tackle the mountain of leaves in the front yard.

Two hours and one huge honkin’ mother of a blister between my thumb and first finger on my left hand later…

We really need to re-seed next Spring, eh? Also, that tree is probably ready to be taken down. I love it, but it looks about 66% dead.

Notice, of course, that I am only showing the front of the house. I have gone to great lengths to not show the opposite side of the driveway because… well… I still have about 1/3 of the Nemesis left to deal with. That’s going to have to wait until the weekend. Sorry.

Bonus picture:

I wonder what kind of animal living in the back yard wild kingdom left this behind? Probably one that just had a baby girl.


Merrimack River this Morning

There’s a parking lot right near the 110/113 rotary on route 93 that looks like it might once have had a boat launch but it’s pretty much fallen apart now. It’s been on my list of places to go to to shoot some Merrimack pics and today I finally stopped there.

This is what Fall looks like.




This might be my favorite of the bunch. It’s just the leaves reflecting on the water.

We haven’t gone leaf peeping in New Hampshire this year, so I just went ahead and did it at home.