What to Watch

We are done with Ted Lasso, I think. I’m caught up on Archer and Titans and What We Do in the Shadows and The Walking Dead, though all of their seasons are still going. I’m a couple of weeks behind on Supergirl which has improved a little after their mid-season break (so far at least).

Star Wars Visions is out, and Foundation has just started. I want to see both of those. We had started Invincible before Bellana left and I want to finish that. We haven’t finished the last season of Mrs Maisel (sp?). Maybe I can finish that for completeness sake. I haven’t seen Doom Patrol though I’ve heard that’s pretty good.

Is there anything else? I’m just wondering because a little part of me wants to restart The Walking Dead from episode one and re-binge the shit out of all of it again before it ends. That might be happening…. And it might be happening tonight. Well… starting tonight. It’s been so long since Shane has asked me if he can ask me something, or tell me something, and Carl hasn’t been told to stay in the house for ages, and there’s all the things and stuff Rick has been doing.

Yeah, that might be happening.

ADDENDUM: We are not done with Ted Lasso. We thought season two was going to be 10 episodes long. It’s actually 12. We have two more weeks to go. Happiness.

It Just Hit Me

It just hit me… like a ton of bricks.

I knew it was out there. I knew it was close. Somehow doing the math made it worse. So, so much worse.

In 36 days…

I turn 50.

In the immortal words of the great Pam Poovey…

Holy shit snacks!


Have you seen the show Archer on FX?

The fifth season started tonight. No spoilers here, but they used the premier to essentially re-write the entire premise of the show. The episode was really funny. We’ll have to see how the rest of the season goes and how the huge changes work out, but hats off to the show’s creators. Can you image it? People in the TV business actually made changes to something. Not just small changes. This wasn’t a case of the baby on Full House is too old to be cute so let’s make one of the characters have twins. This is basically a re-write of the whole show. Same characters, but entirely unrelated story lines. I didn’t think anyone in Hollywood had the balls to try that. Frankly, I’m stunned. I hope it works out and they don’t get canned because the ratings drop a fraction of a point.

Good luck in the Danger Zone.


I just got myself caught up on my current favorite animated television show, Archer. I nearly choked myself laughing.  While being attacked by a KGB hit squad, Sterling Archer yelled out, “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph Stalin!”

How can you not consider that the funniest show ever?