I did some Googlin’ about dumping syndrome and I am not sure I had it. Apparently there are two types of dumping syndrome, early and late. I didn’t have early. That happens 10-30 minutes after eating so that’s out. Late happens 1-3 hours later so the timeline matches up. I’m not sure about the symptoms though.

Heart palpitations (Maybe?)
Sweating (Yes)
Hunger (No… unless the pain was from my stomach being empty, but it didn’t seem that way)
Confusion (No… at least I don’t think so)
Fatigue (Hard to say as I was dead tired to begin with)
Aggression (Definitely not)
Tremors (Yes, twice to be specific)
Fainting (No)

Another area of this particular article lists these as well, but they might be just for early, I’m not sure:

abdominal cramping (Is that another way to say stomach pain? If it is, then oh yes)
fast heartbeat (I don’t remember)
lightheadedness (No)
diarrhea (No… I almost wish there had been. I think it would have helped)

On an unrelated note, I am nearing the end of my first of three days in the office this week and it’s fricken freezing in here, Mr Bigglesworth.