Did I Experience Dumping Syndrome?

This post is more of just a reminder to me to do some research when I get a chance… someday. I’m in the office today and the next two days and the schedule is jam packed with stuff. I don’t know when I’ll get a minute to myself. Well… another minute besides the one minute I’m spending on this.

When I first looked into gastric bypass I was warned of dumping syndrome. Think of it as a huge penalty for eating things your new stomach can’t handle. I am one day shy of 51 weeks since the surgery and I think I may have experienced it for the first time last night.

I ate a snack before bed then went to sleep. Three hours later I woke up to pee because I am old. When I got out of bed my stomach immediately starting hurting a lot. I mean, a lot. Like on a scale from 1-10 the pain was probably a 7-8. I tried to lie back down but it got worse. I tried to sit up straight but it also got worse. I tried to walk around but it got even worse. I couldn’t get any relief from it at all. It was brutal and it lasted for 2.5 hours without a break. I ended up in a fetal position on the living room floor begging my stomach to stop hurting me. It started at 2:30am and finally started to let up at 5:00am.

I don’t know if it was dumping syndrome (which is basically just your digestive system rejecting sugar) but I was told dumping felt like dying and that’s as good a description of how I felt last night as any. It was awful.

I need to poll the various support groups and find out what the individual symptoms are like. I need to know if that’s what I experienced last night or not. I also need it to never, ever happen again. I already threw out the snacks I had before bed last night. Never again, kids. Never again.