Starting to get the film bug again. Just a little bit. As I wrote below I spent some time looking at cheap, used lenses yesterday. I have about half a roll of Fuji Superia 400 left in Dad’s camera. I’m thinking up next will be my last roll of black and white, Kentmere 100, in my camera but with Dad’s cheap-o zoom lens. We’ll see how all of those play together.

After that? Ebay? A 28mm or 35mm prime? A zoom that runs from something like 75-200mm? Something like that? No idea. We’ll see what happens… if anything happens. I want to get something nice and long for my Z5 as well. All of that without spending any money? Sure, right.

Rob Shoots Film

This clock belonged to my grandmother… I think. It might have been a great aunt or a great uncle. It doesn’t work but I hope to look into finding someone to fix it over the summer. We’ll see.

Ebay and I spent some time together yesterday looking at Nikkor ais lenses. Gear Acquisition Syndrome is starting to rear it’s ugly head again.


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