Squee, I Say. Squee


See that? That’s a picture of my film camera using one of Dad’s camera’s lenses. I don’t have film in that camera at the moment so I didn’t shoot any pictures, but since it’s an SLR and the viewfinder actually looks through the lens (unlike rangefinders or mirrorless cameras or point and shoots) I was able to test setting the aperture, focusing, and zooming and everything seems to work fine. Focusing is tough, but it is tough with the Nikon lens too.

I haven’t tested it with Dad’s 50mm prime lens because I am afraid to. That lens is the best lens I have in the house and I don’t want to break it. I will test it at some point though, and I will test it on my digital SLR as well because it is also a Nikon and both of my Nikons have the same lens mount. I’ll have to figure out how to set the aperture though as the DSLR does that digitally and Dad’s lenses both do it manually and I am not sure how the two will work together.

This may seem like a little thing, but it’s really a “squee” worthy moment for my dumb ass.

Squee. Seriously.

Faneuil Hall

I just reblogged this from the film blog, noticed that somehow the title was in italics, fixed the title in the original post, deleted the reblog, tried to reblog the post again and found I could not, assumed it had something to do with the comment on the original post, deleted the comment, still couldn’t re-reblog, said screw it and posted it directly.



Last night I started looking at lens mount adapters. Maybe I can put dad’s lenses on my eBay camera. Maybe I can put them on my DSLR?

I found two adapters on B&H‘s website. I’m thinking about it, but will do a little more digging first. I’d love to be able to use dad’s 50mm prime lens at Disney in January. I think that might be the best lens in the house. Still, I want something that will autofocus for the DSLR. Let’s just say my eyes ain’t what they used to be.

Digital vs Analog Comparison

I started the film page with the idea that I wouldn’t post film images on this page (unless they were reblogged from the other page). I also said I was going to post digital vs film comparisons because… because. So I guess that allows me to post a few film pics, right?

Last week I put on a record and took a spinning media picture. Pretty sure I posted it here. I also took about the same shot with the Nikon Ebay film camera too. I think everything about the digital pic is better, but I also think I prefer the film pic. Maybe I am just an old fashioned sucker.

This one is digital:

Nikon D90

This one is film:

Nikon FG-20

Isn’t that interesting?

Now we move to Methuen’s little downtown area, specifically the used record store. I’ve taken this three times, one digital and two film, one with each camera. The two Nikons have a wider lens than the Pentax, so the Pentax is zoomed in much more than the other two, but you’ll get the gist of it.

This one is digital, it’s also portrait:

Nikon D90

This one is film from the Nikon and it’s landscape:

Nikon FG-20

This one is Dad’s Pentax. Like I said, it’s zoomed in more. It also has a coloring that might be from the roll of film or it might be from scanning it with my iPhone or maybe it might be because it was within about an hour after sunrise while the other two were later in the morning. I don’t know exactly, but I kinda like it.

Pentax K1000

Which one do I like best? I think the second one. The Nikon film one. I think I will do the Pentax one again at some point. If I do, I won’t get it developed at CVS and I won’t be scanning it with my iPhone.

Now I just have to try to remember not to reblog whatever posts these film shots end up on. I can do that (but I’ll probably fail).

Expired Film

If you were wondering what a photo shot on a roll of film that expired over 30 years ago looks like:


If you were wondering what a photo that was taken over 30 years ago but was not developed until today looks like:


I’m not sure where Dad took this picture. Cape Cod maybe? Or maybe it was on a Men’s Club trip to Myrtle Beach? No idea.

That’s More Like It

I left the house at 5:00 and got home at 6:10. No issues* at all. There wasn’t a lot of sun either, but that’s okay for today’s purposes.

First stop was the little boat launch on Canobie Lake in Windham, right near the kids’ father’s house. I used to take pics with my phone there all the time when I was dropping the kids off. I was a little too early as the sun was up but it hadn’t topped the trees yet.

Second stop was the Methuen Rail Trail where it crosses The Mighty Spicket River. I spent some quality time with a family of Canadian geese. Fortunately they did not take offense to my arrival. The river was dead still but there was some groovy looking mist over it.

The next stop was Greycourt Park where I took WAY too many pictures of the courtyard ruins. Even though I was on top of a big hill, the sun still hadn’t really topped the trees yet so there isn’t much in the way of golden hour stuff.

The next stop was our tiny little downtown. There is one little stretch where three businesses in a row have signs hanging in front of their windows. I wanted that. From what seemed like the best vantage point I could only get two of the signs into the shot. The one I couldn’t see was the one I wanted the most, the used record store. I was a little distracted though because while I was standing there I found an entrance to the foot bridge over the Spicket Falls Dam! Holy Shit Snacks!

The water falling over the dam was loud, but there wasn’t a whole lot of it. I took a bunch of pictures anyway. I finally got a little sun as the canal that follows the dam goes by an old mill building (which is currently an apartment building) and I got a few shots of the sun hitting the building above the water. They probably suck, but I don’t care.

I ran out of film at that point so I walked back to the used record store and took one with my iPhone, just for luck, and then went home.

Stupid shadow

Now it’s time to unwind the camera while praying to the film canister gods that I don’t break anything. Wish me luck.

*The camera appears empty. It was a roll of 24 shots but the counter is at 21. Now I have clear memories of complaining about the counter not being accurate way back in the 1980’s so while I am pretty sure I shot the whole roll without issue, did I? Or did it crap out again with only three shots left? I choose to believe the roll is empty. Mostly because I know it is.

Let’s Try Again

The sun comes up at 5:11 tomorrow morning. The forecast, via the epic Weather Kitty app, predicts that the skies above Methuen will be clear and sunny.

Let’s try that playing with Dad’s camera in the morning before work thing again. Please Please Please let nothing go wrong. If anything does go wrong I will literally cry in my protein shake.

So photography nerd in the morning followed by a half day at work followed by a doctor’s appointment followed by (maybe) a trip to a music store to investigate trading in my Fender followed by visiting my mother followed by dinner with my love. That’s the plan.