Yesterday was a Day

Wow… yesterday kicked my ass.

Jen and I left the resort to go to Hollywood Studios at a little before 8:00am. We got there before the park opened, but in time for early entry for resort guests. Yeah… privilege. The kids met up with us an little while later. They were running the Disney World Marathon so we got to see a bunch of runners on the course on the way in. That was really cool.

We did my three favorite rides, Rise of the Resistance (Star Wars), Smugglers Run (also Star Wars), and Toy Story Mania (not Star Wars). We also rode the new Mickey and Minnie’s Run Away Rail Road which sits pretty close to my list of favorite rides too. Also, Star Tours (Star Wars). I must have ridden that ride on some previous trip, but I really couldn’t remember it. Guess I’m gettin’ old.

Speaking of old, we didn’t get back to our room until about 11:00pm and I went straight to sleep. I didn’t even wait for my watch to charge so I could track sleep stats. It was insane. I was so thoroughly tired I couldn’t function anymore.

Today we are going over to the Polynesian, our first Disney resort from 2019, for a character breakfast. My camera batter is charging because I didn’t stay awake long enough to charge it last night. It will be fine though. After that we’re going back to Magic Kingdom for the morning. We have tickets to an after close event there late tonight so we’ll probably spend the afternoon resting up in the hotel room. We’ll be out until around 1:00am tonight having Magic Kingdom virtually to ourselves.

As of right now though, it’s 6:47am and I am the only one of us awake. I’m typing this in the dark while waiting for the gigantic image files from my Z5 to upload to Flickr. It’s gonna take a while.