Week 33 Weigh In

It’s Wednesday morning. I’ve done my 30 minute jog in place thing. I’ve had three days in a row with consistent stats and I finally figured out why. I slowed down my pace a little and for some reason my watch can handle that. The faster I trot, the messier the stats get. Why? No idea. Anyway, it’s Wednesday and like all Wednesdays I stepped on that scale. Happy Wednesday is Weigh In Day, everyone!

I wasn’t expecting much. Last week was spectacular (six pounds!) but it also followed a few days where I was feeling pretty sick to my stomach and didn’t eat a lot. I think the last two weigh in posts mention that I wouldn’t be surprised if I have a gain in the near future, just as my body’s correction to the few bad days. That didn’t happen, but the loss this week is pretty small. I am down 1.4 pounds. How do I feel about that? I feel awesome about that. I was a little nervous that I might gain a bit and my total would drop below 200 pounds and that would make me sad, but it didn’t happen so it’s awesome.

My current weight is 247.2 pounds. My BMI has dropped from 30.3 to 30.1. I did the math and I will change from an obese BMI to an overweight BMI when I hit 246 pounds. Weight loss since the surgery is 184.2. The goal is to get that over 200 pounds by January 19th, but we’ll see if that is possible or not. We need to see how things trend over the next few weeks. I’m hopeful I can get there. It would be cooler to hit it a couple of weeks earlier than that while we’re at Disney World. We’ll see. The total weight loss since the first check in is up to 204.8. That’s amazing.

So there you have it, folks. Happy 33 weeks! Happy 63.46% of a year!