Week 31 Weigh In

I thought this week’s Wednesday Weigh In would be a quick little blurb about a tiny change, given that I did the monthly weigh in just three days ago. I was wrong. I was probably wrong due to being sick a couple of times, and I think we can guarantee that weight lost this week will likely go back on soon enough, once I stop having these nasty stomach issues. The monthly weigh in on Sunday saw me down three pounds. Today’s weigh in, three days later? I’m down another 2.4 pounds. Do the math and find that I am down 5.4 pounds in the last week. That’s crazy. That’s the kind of results I was seeing back in June when this was all new and psychotic. This far along, I am seriously shocked to see a number that high. Not concerned, just surprised.

My BMI is down to 31. One more tick to go before I graduate/devolve from Obese to Overweight. Oh the celebrations we’ll have when that magical day arrives. My weight lost since the surgery in May is up to 176.8 and no one is more surprised than I am. My weight lost since the first check in appointment is up to 197.4. Two and six tenths pounds away from the mystical, magical, fairy tale land of two hundred pounds. Oh the celebrations we’ll have when that magical day arrives.

No stomach illness issues today, so far. Yesterday was okay. Not 100%. I had some discomfort off and on. I can’t tell if it was related to food or not, but there were a couple of times when the clock said I should be eating or drinking and I just didn’t out of fear of setting things off again. I was a little nervous about waking up sick again today, but I was fine. I did my exercise and then headed out for the long drive in the pouring rain. I made it all the way to Foxborough in one piece, found the desk I reserved for the day (I think), and punched in.

Here’s hoping for a quiet, stress/stomach pain free Wednesday.