Really Bad Lunch Experience

I don’t know what I did, but I sure did something wrong.

I put about four ounces of chicken onto a little plate and brought it to my desk for lunch. 0.9 ounces into it and I was done. Pain, babie. Real pain. Not nausea this time, just stomach pain. It’s almost like one of the bites I took failed to make it into my little redesigned stomach pouch and then the next bites backed up behind it. Usually when that happens I feel like I need to throw up, and once or twice I actually have a little. Not this time, just stomach pain.

It’s been about 90 minutes since this happened and I am feeling mostly okay again. I need to have some lunch though so I am trying a protein bar. One bite down and, while I am definitely not all better, it hasn’t gotten worse.

Fingers crossed, my friends. Fingers crossed.