Week 28 Weigh In

Right then, after last week’s disappointment, things are better this week. Happy Wednesday weigh in day, everyone. Last week’s five day check in was only 0.4 pounds and while it was positive movement, it was also significantly smaller than every other Wednesday weigh in and it upset me even though it shouldn’t have. Today, one week later, we’re down 3.4 pounds and hot damn does that feel good.

The totals won’t hit any milestones for a few weeks, probably, assuming I stay at a happy weight loss pace. The total lost since surgery actually hit a milestone last week, despite the tiny result. I’m up to 163.6. The total weight loss since the first check in is at an astronomical 184.2. I’m only 15.8 pounds away from the unthinkable 200 pounds. Can I still get there by our January 4th Disney World trip? That is seven weeks away. Can I average 2.26 pounds per week for seven weeks? That would be amazing, but after last week I am not holding my breath and I have no expectations anymore. Just move in the right direction. As for BMI, I am still obese, by definition at least, at 32.6. Just inching closer to that magic moment when I drop below 30 and my status changes from obese to overweight. That will be a pretty groovy day, don’t you think?

Okay folks, it’s time to go make myself some breakfast. Scrambled eggs anyone?