Six Month Weigh In

Six months ago today I had my stomach and my intestines chopped up and rewired. Since then I have lost a little bit of weight. I did my weekly weigh in two days ago and I expected today’s monthly weigh in to be seriously underwhelming. Possibly so underwhelming that I wouldn’t report it to the universe in this way.

I was wrong. In two days I have lost 1.8 pounds. Back in the weight watchers (WW) days I would have been thrilled to lose 1.8 pounds in a week. That much in two days though? To quote the brilliant Pam Poovey, “holy shit snacks!”

The BMI is down to 33.1 from 33.3. The loss since the surgery is at 159.8. Sooooo close to 160. The loss since the first check in is now at 180.4 pounds. When people ask I can honestly say that I have lost ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY POUNDS.


The next weigh in is Wednesday, five days from now. Until then, happy exercising and only eating 80 grams of protein a day.