Week 24 Weigh In

At my check in yesterday it was suggested that my daily protein goal should not be 60 grams, it should be 80. Ironically, on Monday night I actually hit 80 grams without trying. Last night I needed to push it a little to get there, but I did. That plus the scale at the clinic being much higher than last week’s weigh in had me nervous. Would week 24 be the first week that did not show a weight loss? Might the increased diet lead me to actually gaining weight this week?


Today’s weigh in is down 4.2 pounds. Sigh of relief. My current weight is 283 pounds on the dot. My doctor asked me yesterday if I have a goal. I said my first goal was to get below 400 pounds. Then when I did that my goal became getting under 300 pounds. I’ve done that too. Now? I think it might be BMI related (down from 35 to 34.4 this week). In order to get to a healthy BMI I need to drop to about 190 pounds. I think that might be the goal. I have less than 100 pounds to go. The losses are going to level out at some point. The doctor suggested it’s probably already started. Getting to 190 is going to be harder than getting below 300 was, but it’s something to shoot for.

Speaking of BMI, I had a moment of duh last week. Somehow I got it into my head that the point that separates “overweight” from “obese” was a BMI value of 35. I was really excited to be able to say that I was no longer obese. Nope. Duh. The border between the two labels is actually 30, not 35. We’ll get there.

No milestones this week as far as the totals are concerned. My weight loss since surgery is 148.4 and the total since the first office visit is 169. If I do well this coming week we could have a lot of 10’s column changes next Wednesday. Milestones galore.