Are You Ready for Some Weigh In?

Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti Day and it’s also Rob Weighs In day. It’s like a two for one special!

I am down 4.2 pounds today. A very good number. I actually weighed in twice today. The first time was immediately after getting out of bed. The second was after finishing my morning routine. I will let you infer from that what you wish and not get too specific for TMI reasons… dig?

None of my other numbers had any celebratory digit changes. I’m 139 since the first check in and 118.4 since just before the surgery. I would expect both of those to hit small milestones at the next check in, but I am not going to promise anything. Partly because that would be dumb, but also because the next check in will be early.

I weigh in on Wednesdays because the surgery was on a Wednesday and I am marking each weekiversary. I am also weighing in on the monthiversary, which is the 4th of each month and September 4th is Sunday. So next week we’ll get a weigh in on Sunday and a weigh in on Wednesday. Assuming I can keep to the schedule. Additional extra weigh ins will come on January 19, 2023 as that is the anniversary of my first weigh in, and on April 29, 2023 as that is the anniversary of my last weigh in before the surgery. I should probably check if either of those dates fall on a Wednesday which would render them moot.

Okay. On that note. Happy weigh in day. Do something fun. Have some ice cream or something in honor of me never having ice cream again.