Happy Scale Steppin’ Day

Okay, ladies and gents, it’s Wednesday morning. You know what that means. Who’s ready for a weigh in? Let’s effin’ Go!

You might be able to tell by the tone of my type that it’s going to be good news.

I am down 5.8 pounds, babie! My total weight’s 10’s column changed, my weight lost since surgery’s 10’s column changed, my weight lost since the first check in’s 10’s column changed, and my BMI went down 0.7 points!

Holy Crap!

The total since the start is now 134.8! Dude! One Hundred Thirty-Four and Eight Tenths pounds! I simply cannot believe the number is that high. The total since the surgery (approximately) is 114.2 pounds! Again, Holy Crap! Capital letters and exclamation points galore!

My next check in at the clinic is Monday. Here’s hoping they check me over and tell me that everything is going as well as I feel it’s going. I don’t want any bad news spoiling another 5+ pound week.

I want to have a visual representation of the total weight loss since the start of this mess, but I don’t want to give any actual numbers. This is a screen shot of my weight loss in 2022 from the iOS Health app with the numbers cropped out. Why? I don’t know, because.

It’s not 100% accurate because I wasn’t updating the app for almost two months there, including the entire month of May. I’ve been updating it every time I weigh in since July though. The shape of the curve is accurate even if it’s missing tons of data points. Who cares, look at that downward slope! It’s like a freakin’ black diamond!

I can’t wait to see what next week’s weigh in brings!