Fun With Weigh Ins

Today is Wednesday and I have stepped on the scale… even though the last two weeks have made today’s number kinda irrelevant.

I am down 1.4 pounds since the last weigh in, which was four days ago. It looks like a crappy number, but when you add in the previous weigh in, which was six days ago, it comes to 4.2 pounds which is pretty good and it is still missing a day. Even though 1.4 looks like a super small number compared to all of the other check in numbers on my spreadsheet, I am still very pleased.

Progress is progress and if I hadn’t fudged up my weigh in schedule it would look like a really good week’s results. So there you have it.

The total amount since the surgery is now 103.2 and the total since the first appointment is 123.8. I am also 28.2 pounds (approximately) away from the sleep apnea experiment I mentioned last night. Suddenly I am really excited about the idea of not having an alien face hugger stuck to me head every night. Finally, it’s a big moment from the BMI perspective. The value is only down 0.2 but the digit in the 10’s column changed. That’s worthy of celebration, right?

One of the reasons I am happy with today’s results is I have been eating more at each meal. Instead of capping myself at about five ounces of food I am letting it creep up to six or seven or, like two nights ago, eight ounces. I’ve been trying to not be afraid of between meal snacks as well. Mostly I want snacks to be fruit, but sometimes sugar free pudding is hard to ignore. That was the case last night. If I had avoided that 3.5 ounce cup of pudding at 8:50pm last night I might have been down 10 pounds today. Who knows. I am not worrying about it though. I am happy with how things are going. Very happy.

So now I am going to stay on schedule and not even think about the scale (yeah, right) until next week. Wednesday August 17, 2022: The next weigh in day.

Until then, my readers and only friends.