Want to Weigh In?

I failed to go out for car music this morning but I did not fail to lose 3.6 pounds, so I’ll take that as a fair trade.

Last week I weighed in on Monday instead of Wednesday because I am an impatient idiot. This week I weighed in on Tuesday because eight days seemed long enough and if I waited until the “official” weigh in tomorrow it would be nine days and that was just too long a wait. Next week I’ll do Wednesday and it will be eight days again and all will be right with the world.

The 10’s column of my total changed again, just barely. How to use algebra to demonstrate…

Last week’s weigh in was nx3.4 where n is a number and x is a number. This week is ny9.8 where n is the same number as before and y=x-1. Dig it? Every high school kid who took a hissy fit in algebra class because he/she would “never have to use algebra in the real world” can suck it. Boom. Math, bitches.

The total weight lost since the surgery has topped 90! It’s currently sitting at 91.6 and that is beyond amazing. The total weight lost since the first weigh in is up to an astronomical 112.2.

I can’t believe it.

I was a little bummed out over the 3.6 this week being so much less than the 7 or so from each of the last couple of weigh ins, but there have been a few weeks in the past where the weight loss was around 3 pounds. I was afraid this might have been a sign of me leveling off, but now that I analyze the data, it seems more like getting back to normal. I’m happy with that.

So let’s see if I can manage to not step on the scale for the next eight days. Wish me luck.