Things to Do in the Coming Days

Tonight after work I need to go to the store and buy a new belt. My jeans are kinda falling off and the belt I am wearing can’t go any tighter. It’s sort of an emergency at this point. A belt has been purchased online, I just need to go and get it.

After that, Bellana is super hyped about watching the first episode of season four of Stranger Things. We’re going to try and watch it tonight. Harry wants in too but he’s working and has an after-work task. Bellana’s at her aunt’s house. They are both going to be here tonight but they are going to be on the late side. We should still be okay but if not the make up date is Thursday.

Why Thursday? Because tomorrow night after work we are going to see the new Thor. Tomorrow is the make up date for the movie we were supposed to see over the weekend.

I also think I might be going somewhere and buying a lottery ticket tonight. The Massachusetts Mega Millions jackpot is pretty huge right now. Do I risk it? Where did I put my KN95 mask? Oh yeah, I have 100 of them and they are everywhere. Let’s do it!

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