Full Day

I feel like I’ve circled the Earth today. I haven’t, but it feels nuts.

We went food shopping early. Then I spent an hour or so with my mother. It was weird today, but not in a way I’ve seen. It’s hard to explain.

Next I went to a store and bought a couple of pairs of jeans. You heard that right. I’m down two sizes, which when you’re this wide two sizes is the equivalent of four sizes for normally sized people. The question now is, how long until the new jeans are falling off of me too? Let’s find out!

It calmed down after that. Jen’s folks came over for a visit. We had a nice conversation about the collapse of the United States. You know, like you do.

Later, Jen made salmon for dinner. See the fish market pic from earlier today. It was fantastic. Really. Jen can make our little air fryer sing and dance. After dinner we went to Cambridge to research some computer components Jen was thinking about grabbing, but she passed on them.

Now we are home and I am behind on everything. I am way below my 60 grams of protein goal. I’m in a good place for the 60 ounces of liquids goal, but the protein is a problem. Also, I haven’t done my exercise yet. It’s 9:00pm and ai haven’t even started. Crud.

Okay, time to start-a-walking.