Fish is Good? What?

It’s so weird. My whole life I hated fish. My mother would cook fish for dinner and I’d feel like I was in hell. Gross.

A few years ago Jen wanted to try making fish for dinner and I was terrified. Fortunately my wife is some kind of culinary genius and she made a dish that I liked. I think it was cod… or haddock… or something like that. Something white. It was good enough that we both wanted to try a second time.

Jen’s choice for the second fishdish was salmon. Salmon actually looks good, right? You see some fresh salmon in the market and you’re like, dude that looks good. We both like salmon sashimi, so why not try cooking it? Turns out it didn’t live up to the hype. We both thought it was okay but it wasn’t nearly as good as the cod/haddock/whatever it was.

Now we are in post-gastric bypass land. At one of the diet classes they sang the praises of white fish because it has a ton of protein. Protein is currently my one and only nutritional goal. We had some the other night and it was good, and I’ve been eating tons of canned tuna. My fisherman grandfather would be pleased by the amount of fish I’ve been eating.

But salmon… at the store last night we were looking at the fish counter and we both thought that maybe salmon deserved another try. If it was meh then so be it. We could say we gave it a chance and can then move on with our lives. If it turned out good though… well, that’d be something else entirely.

Jen cooked some salmon in the air fryer tonight. I had 2.5 ounces. Remember up above when I said my wife was some kind of culinary genius? The dinner she made tonight was so good. We both thought so. It was fantastic. It was delightful.

The guy who grew up loathing fish now somehow really likes fish. All different kinds. Holy mackerel!