Tough Day

Yesterday was the first tough day. One tablespoon of applesauce at 1:00pm pretty much screwed me up for hours to come. I had an epic ball of gas in my new stomach that more or less took over my afternoon. I took some Gas X for the first time ever and it helped a lot.

Jen suggested going for a walk outside. I got as far as the door before my stomach suggested I stay in. I spent some quality time in the bathroom before we tried again. It was 80 degrees out and absolutely gorgeous. We just walked down to the street and back and it was glorious. It was only a few minutes before I had to go back in and sit down, but it was so worth it.

In the end we went to bed early. I was still a bit uncomfortable but I was asleep before 10:00pm. I slept for an amazing nine hours. Holy shit! I woke up dehydrated and a little light headed, but after nine hours that seems expected, I think.

Jen made scrambled eggs for dinner last night. I had a table spoon then, and a tablespoon this morning and both times were amazing. I feel better already and I’m so grateful to her for the support she’s given me through all of this. I love her so much.

So one tough day down. There will be many more, I’m sure. Here’s to today being better.