Appointments Today

I am on day six post-surgery. The only negative so far is just really the dehydration. I’m trying to my best to stay on top of things, and for the most part it’s working, but it’s definitely a thing. One of the two appointments today is just a check up. Maybe they can give me a tip or two to help out going forward.

The other appointment is a big one. It’s a potential game changer. It’s the stage II diet class. In English, stage I is liquids only. That’s what I’m doing now and frankly I’m tired of it. Stage II is pureed food. Does that mean I am going to be able to eat actual food at some point today? If not today, then soon? Oh please. Stick some chicken salad into the blender and actually eat it? Scrambled eggs? Mashed potatoes?

The question I still have is, how much can I fit into my new little stomach. I haven’t ever really felt full, so that’s a question that needs to be answered. We may have the answer soon though.

On a much more painful note, my mother is still in the hospital. No details, just send her all the positive energy you can. It has not been a good experience for her.

So wish her luck, and if you have a little luck to spare, wish me luck too.

Day six. Hanging in there.