Time Has Almost Caught Us

In the immortal words of one of the immortal guys in The Highlander, time has almost caught us, my friend(s).

12 hours from now I’ll be in the hospital trying to bottle up my freak out feelings like a good Irish-American stereotype. The 10:00 check in is a little later than I was expecting so I was able to punt a couple of little things from my to do list until the morning.

I did the most important things though. I reached out to, or was contacted by, all of the people I wanted to talk to today. Both kids called me. We had good video calls with both of them. I was very happy to hear from them.

Now I’m sitting up in bed. I was worried I’d be too nervous to sleep, but now that I’m here I’m pretty beat. I’ll sleep okay. I might get some Marvel movie time in first though. I’m still on Eternals.

I go under the knife at noon tomorrow. I’ll probably post 20 times before then, and I’ll definitely watch the MoonKnight season (series?) finale too.