Wiped Out

We did so much stuff around the house this weekend. I need a weekend to recover from the weekend.

We’re pretty optimistic that the contractor will be done in the cellar today or tomorrow. After that we need to put all the furniture back where it belongs. I had to move everything away from the walls last night so that he can finish the baseboards. Once everything’s back where it’s going we’ll mount the new television on the wall and then… maybe watch a movie or something?

Then I need to move my office space downstairs too. There’s an exercise bike that needs to move too. Oh yeah, I forgot that we got a nice sound system for the new TV. That needs to go in before our first movie date.

Then what? We got a couple of foldable room divider things. One will go between the living room and the work space and the other will wall off the laundry room. The last thing, I think, is to figure out where the new music nook will go. It has to be close enough to the office so that I can use my computer for more wonderful home recording demo amazingness. I haven’t recorded a song in two months. That needs to change.

After all of that?

Oh, just surgery.