Remember all of that washing machine talk yesterday? I mentioned there are actually two washing machines. The big guy is the main one, but there is also another one in the pedestal that the big sucker stands on. When we bought the set we thought that was a good idea. In actual fact though, I think I used the pedestal washing machine once over the last two plus years and that was just to make sure it worked.

Last night after Jen fell asleep I went down stairs and washed a pair of jeans and a t-shirt in the pedestal. Again, just to make sure it worked. It did. The water lines into it worked and the outflow hose worked too.

Or so I thought.

When I was hooking everything up yesterday morning there was a little bit of water that spilled out of one of the hoses onto the floor. I kept forgetting to clean it up. This morning I took a little towel down cellar and took care of it. I figured I’d just throw the towel into the big machine and the next time I needed to wash clothes I’d was the towel with the rest of it.

I opened the side loading washing machine door and about a gallon of water sloshed out.


The drum was full of water. How? It was empty when I took the last load of laundry out yesterday. Why was it full now?

Apparently the pedestal washer’s outflow somehow either drained into the big machine, or it drained out, went past the splitter on the out flow hose, and then backwashed into the big machine. Is that even possible? It must be.

I mopped up the new spill with a couple more towels and ran the unit in 15 minute quick wash mode. Everything drained appropriately.

The moral of the story is: Buying the pedestal thing was clearly a mistake and it will never be used again.