Water is Weird

We have two bathrooms. The old bathroom and the new bathroom. The kids call the old bathroom their bathroom and the new bathroom our bathroom. I don’t like that. It’s not “ours” meaning Jen and me, it’s “ours” meaning anyone can use it whenever.

Anyway, both bathrooms have a shower and both have the same shower head. Last night the shower head in the new bathroom just fell off. Like. Pop. Off. What the hell?

We ordered a new one and temporarily swapped the old one into the new bathroom. I tried to put the broken one back together but I failed miserably. Like… screw you, shower head!

Then this morning when I got up, I walked into the kitchen and there was patches… sitting on the kitchen counter next to the sink staring into a pot full of water. Like… cat… if you’re gonna stand there, you might as well wash the dishes, right?


Found It

I figured out where the water in the woods behind the house is coming from. There’s a drain that runs from the street. And I thought it was a little river coming down the hill. I’ll get a pic one of these days. It was a little disappointing, but what can you do.


Did That Really Happen?

This just happened to me.

I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth. Our sink has a pretty slow drain, and I had just run the water. There was about a half inch deep puddle, slowly draining away. As I brusha-brusha-brusha-brushed my teeth I ended up with a mouthful of toothpaste. I leaned over to spit it out. As I have probably mentioned, I am freakishly tall. Therefore I leaned way over so that my spit would all end up in the sink instead of shotgun pellet blasted all over the place.

My toothpastey spit hit the water and splashed back upward.

Directly into my eye.

I don’t believe it, kids.

I literally just spit in my own eye.

It’s going to be a long, long day.

Spicket Falls Dam

So let’s see here. I posted the long exposure pics from Tuesday. I posted the normal Forrest Lake pictures. I posted the Grove Street pictures. All that’s left is the non-long exposures from the Spicket Falls Dam. Guess what’s coming now!

I’ve seen the flow over the dam both much lighter and much heavier than this. Doesn’t matter, I like it no matter what.

I still haven’t been up on the walkway. Somehow it feels to me like I would be trespassing if I did.


Even with the light flow over the dam, you get a pretty good rush of water underneath.

The water on Tuesday looked pretty dirty to me.


A lot of the old mill towns in the Merrimack Valley have converted their old abandoned mill buildings into condos or apartments. This, I hear, is Methuen’s mill-turned-apartment. Not 100% sure of that, but I think that’s true.


And that, kids, is everything worth sharing that I took on my little walk around on Tuesday. Just a little touch of my town, Methuen, Massachusetts.

More Feeding the Flickr

The Flickr homepage has always had a space for groups that you belong to. It used to show the few most recent pictures added to one group, and I think it linked to one or two others. I don’t think I ever clicked on anything group related from the homepage.

Now there are two pictures displayed in the upper right hand corner of the homepage, one each from two random groups. I find myself looking at that every time I log on. I look at the latest contact upload or two, or three, and then I check out whatever groups came up.

It makes me want to view the groups, and it makes me want to add images. I just added this one to a group called Reflections in Water.


I wanted to add this one, which I like a while lot more, but it wasn’t really applicable.