Tentative Cellar Schedule

Jen talked to the contractor today. He gave us a tentative schedule for the next couple of phases of the cellar reclamation project.

Monday will be one final day of drywall finish work. Tuesday will be a day off to let whatever happens on Monday finish drying and what have you. Painting will start on Wednesday and end on Friday. Once the painting is done the flooring will start immediate. Probably also on Friday.

No estimate on how long the flooring will take, or how long the finishing work that comes after it will take.

The hardest part for those of us who aren’t doing actual work is to just remain patient. It’s really difficult. Jen and I both want this done. We’re both tired of stressing out over everything. We’re both more than ready to start putting everything back together again.

Still… painting and flooring this week. Kick ass.