Tuesday Lunch Post

I don’t have anything to talk about. How is that possible?

Right, so here’s a question. Who should I believe? I ordered a couple of pedals last week. Amazon tells me that the estimated delivery is either January 3rd or 4th. That was the estimate when I placed the order, so that is fine with me. When I track directly from UPS though it tells me the delivery will be two days from now on December 30th before 9:00pm. Well that sounds sweet!

So which estimate is correct? It has to be UPS, right? I mean let’s just go to the source. Unfortunately I signed up for text message alerts for status changes and I have not received a single message. That implies that the package hasn’t even been picked up yet. So who do I trust? As The Joker said in Batman the Movie back in 1989, “money money money, who do you trust?”

How’s this. I will trust Amazon’s 1/3-4 estimate while keeping my fingers crossed for UPS’s 12/30. That works, right? Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

I have a new uni-vibe pedal coming. I’m finally upgrading from MXR to something boutique. I also have a new wah pedal coming. I had gone from Dunlop to boutique a few years ago, then the whole bullshit thing happened with the racist frat boy pedal builder and I went back to Dunlop. Now, a year and a half later, I am going boutique again. Duck and cover and wish me luck, brothers and sisters in music nerd.