Back to Reality

Show me an American adult who isn’t day dreaming about week long Christmas vacations and I will show you someone who is either lying or took this week off because they were day dreaming about week long Christmas vacations at some other point in the recent past.

Damn it. As it turned out I could not have taken any time off this week. There are too many pressing things at work. Still… I really wish I had.

Back to work at 9:00. Until then I am moving some of my desk back to the bed room from the office. I think we’ll keep the extra desk in the office for weekends and stuff. I don’t want to try to work in there while Jen is working. We did that at the start of the pandemic and we just distracted each other all day. Nope. Separate rooms is professionally good. Outside of work though, I really liked being in the same room with her even when we weren’t actually doing anything together.

So that’s my first post-Christmas workday morning. I can see how fascinated you all are. Have a good first day back, folks. Hopefully everyone’s jobs are nice and quiet today. HoHoHopefully.