Forgetful Doofus

Every few months I get a package in the mail with replacement parts for my CPAP machine. Masks, filters, hoses, harnesses, and sometimes water tanks. I should swap out parts more often than I do, but instead I tend to use each component for longer than expected and I end up not using all of each month’s delivery.

Over the last week or so I have been wanting to update everything, but I knew a delivery was coming soon and I decided to wait. It finally came two days ago and tonight I got around to swapping out parts. That’s when I realized what a forgetful doofus I am.

I keep all of the unused items in my closet. I figured I’d take what I could from the last box before using anything from the new box. I took the box off the top of the closet. It had a harness with a mask and a bunch of filters. Okay, that’s a good start. That’s when I noticed there was another box. Not the latest shipment, but the previous shipment. I hadn’t opened it yet. Ugh, really? I had a full box of parts sitting in the closet and I still waited for a new box to be delivered? What a moron.

So now the box from two deliveries back is empty except for a few filters (which I moved to the end table next to my bed. Don’t forget that, Robert. The next time you swap a filter you don’t have to go into the closet. Remember, you absent minded putz). The box from one delivery back is open and available for use. There is a hose in there and a few masks and another harness. The delivery from this week is in the closet now too, and it’s still unopened.

The machine now has a new filter, a new mask, a new harness, a new hose, and a new tank. Literally everything that can be changed has been changed.

Stop being so damn forgetful and start replacing parts more often. It’s nice that I clean them regularly, but stop being weird about replacement parts. Just stop it. Doofus.