I Hate When This Happens

So there I was, watching the latest episode of The Flash on The CW’s website and I see a commercial that used the song All You Need is Love.

Just days after the release of the amazing Get Back documentary I hear The Beatles in a friggin’ commercial.

You suck, Michael Jackson.

The story as I remember it is that during the dark days of Jackson and Paul McCartney writing songs together, Jackson asked Paul for financial advice and Paul suggested focusing on music publishing. Not long after, Jackson bought the publishing rights to The Beatles’ catalog. Not long after that, Revolution ended up in a commercial and the world has pretty much sucked ever since.

So I just saw All You Need is Love in a commercial and it’s Michael friggin’ Jackson’s fault. Asshole.

One thought on “I Hate When This Happens

  1. I’m pretty sure Paul was able to buy his whole catalog back – at least, those not owned by Yoko. I believe Yoko is responsible for letting these songs go to commercial. I’ve heard the “All You Need is Love” and I’ve also heard a lot of “From Me to You”, both written by John. Hence my Yoko comment. I think I may have heard another one or two in commercials, but I can’t remember right now. Yoko sucks!!!

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