November Music on Life Support

In just a few minutes the calendar will be changing from November 26 to November 27th, and that means only four days left to work on the November music project. I currently have three songs mixed but one of them is too terrible to use. There’s one more ready to mix. After that there is a whole lot of unfinished nothing.

Or at least there was.

I finished the arrangements and wrote lyrics to three. One other song already had lyrics. You know what that means, right? Car music tomorrow! Yup, you guessed it. Four songs ready to sing brings me up to a potential seven. There is an eighth song that should be an instrumental. There are a couple of additional songs in the basic idea stage. If I work my butt off I might be able to get a full National Solo Album Month thing finished.

There is also a Christmas tree to get tomorrow, and another (possibly) three hours of Beatles glory. Then Sunday there is Christmas tree decorating and a little bonus step kids time. Finishing the whole thing is doable, but maybe just barely.

Music tomorrow, my readers and only friends!

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