Sort of a Tough Day

This has not been a tough day, but it has sort of been a tough day. I can’t explain it. I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around stuff. I couldn’t get out of bed this morning, I couldn’t deal with the few morning chores I wanted to do. I took out the trash and found the critters had taken down one of the barrels and scattered crap all around. I just couldn’t come to terms with raking it all up and getting it back into a barrel. My brain just balked. Mentally speaking, I’ve been in that state pretty much all day. Is this the negative backlash of a four day weekend? Probably.

Example: The first thing I did this morning was put my CPAP mask onto the table next to the bed. It immediately fell off and in doing so knocked over the stand I keep my iPhone on as it charges over night. Clutz central, eh? That’s the way the whole day has felt.

Meetings Meetings Meetings. I just can’t get my feet onto the floor to hold myself up. Ugh! Speaking of meetings, why do instacart deliveries always happen when I’m on conference calls? Always. I have the worst luck with timing.

I really had something interesting to write about… I promise I did… I don’t know what happened to the idea though. It’s just gone. Poof, all gone. Maybe it will come back to me later, but until then you are left with this literary triumph.