They are Fighting Back Again

Oh, facebook. How you fight me.

Last night a friend tagged me in a post. If there was FoMO before… damn. There was no comment, just three names tagged in a reply to a post. I got the notification email and based on the title I read it. I wish I hadn’t.

Want more? Okay. Here’s one more. I’m listening to my favorite Walking Dead podcast. They solicit feedback from listeners, like all good TV show podcasts do, and most of the feedback they get comes via a facebook group. I’ve contributed a few times in the past, but I won’t be commenting on facebook anymore. The episode just started and they were talking about the general mood of the comments on facebook. Damn it. FoMO!

Is this what an alcoholic feels like when all of their friends are still going to bars? No. No it isn’t. It might be 0.1% of what they feel though. Okay, 0.01% maybe. You get what I’m getting at though, right?