Starting Lineup

The Red Sox have released their starting lineup for the wild card game.

No J.D. Martinez. He screwed up his ankle Sunday by tripping over a base while running out to his position between innings. That’s what I read at least. I knew he hurt himself during the game. I did not see it though. I’m really hoping that isn’t what actually happened. I’m really hoping I read that in the onion without realizing.

No Chris Sale. Makes sense, but I thought he might be in the bullpen after only pitching a couple of innings Sunday. Does this mean the Sox aren’t all in? No, I don’t think so. Even if he was available, it’s unlikely he’d pitch. Make room for someone who actually might appear. Also, he’s coming off a massive surgery and he’s got about a billion trillion dollars left on a three year deal. I get it. Finances. It’s a business and all that shit. I get it.

Pretty much every sports pundit in America is picking the Yankees tonight. It’s the smart pick. Screw them though. Go Red Sox.

We’re about four hours away from the first pitch. Are we hyped? Oh yeah. We hyped.