Two Desk Things

I wanted two things for my desk setup in Harry’s room. I wanted something to sit my headset on and I wanted a clock that I could see if I happen to not be sitting at the computer. I found super cheap-o’s on the Amazon. They came today.

The stand works, but the screws in the base don’t tighten all the way so the whole thing feels like it’s going to collapse at any moment.

The clock is a nice looking little thingie. I picked it because it was cheap and because I didn’t see anything in the listing that mentions an alarm. I don’t want an alarm clock. I was in a meeting at 1:00 when the alarm I didn’t realize I set went off. I found the button to shut it off, but will it go off again in the middle of the night? I’m guessing that’s a yes, cap’n.

When Harry comes home and I move back to my bedroom desk they will come with me. Until then… do your jobs, new guys.